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Inline Plumbing have a specialist blocked drain plumbing services division, with each drainage plumber being highly proficient when it comes to drains and drainage problems.

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The latest technology and methods we use to clear most blocked drains:

Whether it is a blocked toilet, blocked sewer drain, clogged basin, smelly drains, blocked bathroom sink, kitchen sink or laundry sink, overflowing floor waste, blocked sewerage, blocked stormwater drains, a clogged commercial drainage pipe, or any drainage system problem, Inline Plumbing can help. Our specialised and local blocked drain plumber will have the right drainage solution for you.

Blocked drains are a mess and potential health hazard to you and your family, so it’s important to get a professional who is specialised in blocked drain service on your site FAST. Wherever you live in Sydney, you will have a friendly, local, expert blocked drain plumber arrive on your site within a couple of hours.

We are blocked drain plumbers available across Sydney 24/7 with no Call-out fee!

What can I expect when a professional blocked drain plumber from Inline Plumbing comes to my home or business?

Blocked Drain Inspection

When one of our blocked drain specialists arrives at your home or business, they will conduct a detailed inspection of the blocked drain(s). Specifically, we look for slow drainage, gurgling coming from the drain entrance and strong odours. Sometimes we will recommend the use of the CCTV Drain Camera to discover the location, severity & type of the drain blockage.

Explanation and Walk-through

Once we know what we’re dealing with we’ll explain in detail what is causing the blocked drain. We’ll tell you what our plan to fix the blocked drain is and give you a detailed quote to help you decide if you want us to proceed. We will only start work after you have approved the job.

Blocked Drain Repair

As we progress through the drain clearing process, we discuss with you our findings & any problems we are encountering as well as any future recommendations. Any unforeseen issues are discussed right away. Our drain blockage specialist will be there until the drain is cleared or until a plan for permanent repair of a broken drain is sorted out & agreed to with you, the customer.

Some of the Blocked Drain Plumber Services We Provide:

Every second you delay means more mess, worry and inconvenience so do not hesitate to call Inline today on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463).

Common Signs of Drainage Problems That Could Damage Your Plumbing System:

1. Backups or puddles

A backup is whenever a drain does not drain any liquids down and is a clear sign that something is not working correctly. Backups could be caused by clogging in the pipes, or because of tree roots penetrating the pipes in the system, gumming up the works. Puddles and signs of leaking water are two other indications that there is a leak present in your drain pipes.

2. Strange noises

Water moving through blockages in drain pipes, leaking water and other issues plaguing a plumbing system can, surprisingly, all be heard as they create some strange noises. Drips of flowing water, gurgles, hums and groans are all signs of trouble, and should be resolved by a professional plumber.

3. Odd smells

Wastewater often contains all sorts of contaminates that are supposed to be removed from your home through the plumbing system. The sources of a clog in your drain and some of these contaminates can cause some unusual smells, hence, if you are worried about the smells emanating from your drains, it is advised to call in some professional help. We are only a call away to handle any drain issues your home may be facing.

How to Clear a Clogged Drain

There are a few different options to help you fix a clogged drain including:

1. Using a Plunger

The first method to clearing a clogged drain is to use a plunger. It is the most eco-friendly option and uses hydraulic pressure to drive through the blockage. Remember to plug any other drains that may be using the same sewage pipe or no hydraulic action will be able to be achieved.

2. Using a Drain Snake

If a plunger doesn't work, you may have to use a drain snake. Push the snake into your drain and crank it once you reach the blockage. If at any time you hear noises that sound like you are hitting the pipe, pull back the snake a little bit and then try again. Wait 24 hours to see if there have been any changes.

3. Using a Drain Cleaner

If the plunger and drain snake doesn't work, then as a last resort, use a drain cleaner. While it is widely available and convenient to do at home, make sure that you use all of the correct safety precautions before using it.

If you have a blocked drain, call the professionals at Inline Plumbing today on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463).

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