High Pressure Jetter – Better Than A Plumbing Snake

We recommend the “High Pressure Water Jetter” for clearing blocked drains

Inline’s 24 hour plumbers are equipped with the latest high pressure water jet because it is the best drain clearing solution. We recommend using the drain jetter over the standard plumbing snake for a number of reasons:

  1. Its turbo charged cutting head will clear your drain pipe thoroughly
  2. Its water blasting capabilities can cut through the toughest of blockages (eg. tree roots in pipes, a badly blocked kitchen sink drain full of grease and fat, or a restaurant grease trap)
  3. It is the most flexible drain clearer which can be used indoor and outdoor – whether it is in small bathrooms with confined space / limited access (through the floor waste, through the toilet bowl or under a kitchen sink drain) or in a tight spot under the house to access the sewer drain or storm water pipes.
  4. Its flexibility combined with water jet cutting allows it to clear hair in the sink, hair in the shower drain or other shower repairs, blocked bathroom sink or other bathroom plumbing, clogged kitchen sink or any sink blockage, dunblocssk toilet / silet repair, the worst blocked sewer drain, and aaost any drainage pipe.
  5. Distance is not a factor as this machine can generally reach any plumbing drainage problem. E.g. Our sewer cleaning head can reach the whole sewer system all the way to the sewer main, and can do the same with storm water pipes.

The latest high pressure water jet - better than the standard plumbing snake

All these superior qualities for clearing a blocked drain make this sewer cleaner the most preferred machine.

For the purpose of sewer drain cleaning, our drain jetting machine is better than any other.It is more effective than the roto rooter, drain snake, electric eel drain cleaner, plumbing snake and any other sewer cleaning equipment or pipe cleaners.

Reliable 24 hour plumber -> Emergency plumbing Sydney wide

We provide emergency plumbing services Sydney wide. Our skilled Inline drain plumber is available 24/7 to handle all your pipe cleaning needs. 

Experienced at Drain Jetting -> for All Types of Blocked Drains

Inline’s licensed plumber is experienced in clearing all types of blocked drains and plumbing jobs. Our licensed plumber uses the high pressure cleaning techniques on:

  • Sewers
  • Waste water drains
  • Storm water drains

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