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stiebel eltron hot water

Of all Stiebel’s systems, the one most commonly installed in the NSW market is the “DHF”. Having been specifically produced for NSW’s 3-phase instantaneous replacement market, this water heater is an ideal replacement for any such system (i.e. Wilson, Hocking, Dux, Simplex and Langco).

DHF 13

The most commonly installed of these Stiebel Eltron water heaters is the DHF 13 (due to it using only 19.7 amps per phase to fit onto existing electric wiring and therefore using the least amount of electricity — in comparison to the DHF 15 which uses 22 5 Amps).

  1. Flow Rates

    This DHF 13 is able to supply the following standard flow rate output of hot water :

    • E.g. 1. 9 litres per minute (at 40 degree showering temperature, with cold water of 15 degrees)
    • E.g. 2. 5 litres per minute (at 50 degree kitchen sink temperature, with cold water of 15 degrees).

    These flow rates (coming from this particular water heater) provide constant flow of hot water at a temperature of at least 40 degrees — ample for most households and usages.

  2. Not to be used with water saving shower heads or tapware

    One note of caution is that these DHF units are not able to be used with water-saving shower heads or tapware (as the reduced flow rate is not compatible with these water heaters).

  3. Dimensions, weight and capacity

    Its dimensions are 370mm x 220mm x 130mm, and it weighs in at a very light 4kg. Encased in a pressure resistant copper tank, this water heater, with its tubular heating system, has a nominal capacity of 0.6 litres.

Features (DHF Range)
  • Provides continuous hot water (on demand)
  • Hydraulically controlled (very powerful in performance)
  • Space saving and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Able to be installed in tight spaces (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Energy efficient and water saving (only heating as required)
  • No need for a safe tray or any drainage
  • Produced and designed specifically for Australia’s unique conditions
  • 5 year full parts and labour warranty
Extra Details

This Stiebel Eltron water heater has a unique 2 dot switch display, indicating a half power option for summer and a full power option for winter (which will assist with saving energy). Additionally, this hot water system has Australian Standards WaterMark approval.

Another distinguishing factor is that it does not require ventilation (i.e. it is an open vented water heater and thus doesn’t require a relief line). That is, whereas the competitors’ units all require a relief valve and relief line, the Stiebel Eltron water heater does not.

Finally, the DHF can be counted upon to provide you the hot water you need all year round, whether you be in an apartment, home or office, whilst saving you power with its three phase technology.

Model Numbers
Model #Circuit BreakerFlow Rate (L/min)
DHF 1319.7A8.2 (at showering temp 40°C)
DHF 1319.7A5.9 (at kitchen sink temp 50°C)
DHF 1522.5A9 (at showering temp 40°C)
DHF 1522.5A6.5 (at kitchen sink temp 50°C)

Another range of 3-Phase electric hot water systems is the ‘Stiebel Eltron DEL Instantaneous”.

  • Water delivery at a generous 50°C (meaning you do not need a separate tempering valve)
  • 20-30% more energy efficient than its competitors
  • Saves a large amount on your energy bill and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • Designed for Australia’s harsh climate conditions
  • Modern compact design gives flexibility in installation & reduces installation costs
  • Has an Australians Standards Water Mark as well as not requiring ventilation (two of the several features Stiebel has in comparison to its competitors)
  1. Flow Rates

    This range comes in 2 models, both having a 2.5 litre/min capacity.

  2. Compact design

    The Stiebel Eltron DEL Instantaneous’s modern compact design gives you the flexibility in installation options as well as reducing installation costs.

  3. Dimensions, weight and capacity
    • Its dimensions are 470mm x 225mm x 110mm
    • It weighs in at a light 5.5kg (when filled with water)
  • 1 year (for commercial systems)
  • 3 years (for domestic systems)
Model numbers
Model #Circuit BreakerFlow Rate (L/min)
DEL 1818A2.5
DEL 2727A2.5

Stiebel’s “DHB-E & DHB-E 13A Instantaneous” range is the next step up. The DHB-E modern electronics enables up to 20% less energy and water than hydraulically controlled units. On the other hand, the DHB-E 13A is electronically controlled to maintain water delivery temperature not exceeding 50°C.

  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Has Australian Standards WaterMark approval
  • Electronic safety unit with air detection
  • With rotary dial controller (30-50°C)
  • Smart compact design (space saving)
  • Bare wire technology (fast delivery and efficient water heating)
  • Ventilation, flue or safe tray is not required  
  • 5 year full parts and labour (for domestic systems)
Model Numbers
Model #Circuit Breaker
DHB-E 1827A
DHB-E 2740A
DHB-E 13A20A

Stiebel Eltron has almost 40 years experience in developing heat pump technology and the company introduced its latest model, the WWK 300A, to the Australian market in 2006. The WWK 300A Heat Pump is an energy efficient water heating solution for your home, backed by German engineering and manufacturing, and designed specifically for Australia’s conditions.

This system has the advantage of being both a single unit (easy installation) and one that can be installed either indoors or outdoors (flexibility). Such flexibility with its installation gives it an advantage over the other heat pumps in the market, where outdoor installation is the only option.

With regards to an outdoor installation, it comes with an active defrost function allowing it to operate in colder climates. Additionally, the cylinder capacity is a generous 300 Litres, meaning it has one of the highest deliveries of hot water for a heat pump, again in comparison to many of its competitors whom offer a standard 250 litre capacity. When installed indoors, it needs to be in a room with a minimum of 13 cubic metres of space. With this in mind, it is often installed in a garage or large room.

The air solar system of the Heat Pump utilises energy from the environment, and whether indoors or outdoors, it is able to draw the ambient air into the system to begin its heating process. In this way the WWK 300A doesn’t rely on the sun to create energy (as a solar system does), but rather the air surrounding it. A further distinguishing factor is that it can be installed and operated on either ‘Off-Peak’ heating or on ‘Continuous’. This is an advantage because some other competing heat pumps can only be operated one way (i.e. not allowing any flexibility). Additionally it can be operated on a timer (if available) or even on extended ‘Off Peak” times. When in operation, it uses the least amount of power (i.e. only 2.3 amps) of all competitors, making it therefore more energy efficient. Regarding the installation, further flexibility is offered in that a 1.5 metre long power lead is connected to it.

  • Single unit (making it easier for installing & transporting)
  • Able to be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • Active defrost function (allows operation in cold climates)
  • Generous 300L capacity (larger than most heat pumps)
  • Can be installed on either off peak or continuous tariff (flexibility)
  • Utilises naturally occurring thermal energy from the environment (energy saving hot water)
  • Uses less power (i.e. only 2.3 amps) than other competitors (more energy efficient)
  • An easy way to explain how it functions is that it works in a similar way to a refrigerator, only in reverse. This Stiebel Eltron system can be counted on to provide you the hot water you need all year around in your apartment, home or office.
  • 1 year on components (domestic only)
  • 2 years on refrigeration system
  • 5 years on the cylinder and condenser
Model numbers
Model #Capacity (Litre)Suitability (Bathroom)
WWK 300A3003
WWK 300AH3003

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