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The pinnacle of  the Hills Solar Hot Water range was the “Hills Esteem”. It combines its evacuated tube heating technology with a quality storage cylinder. Utilising its advanced technology, the Hills Esteem delivers hot water at an efficient rate (way beyond that of conventional flat panels as well as other evacuated tube collectors). Storage of this hot water is via either the stainless steel cylinder or the vitreous enamel cylinder.

In each evacuated tube, there is a small quantity of a evaporated liquid. This liquid is heated at a rapid rate by the sun’s energy forming a gas. This formed gas rises to the top of each evacuated tube. Heat transfer occurs between the tube and the water passing through. This water is then transferred to the tank providing you with hot water. 

Hills Solar Hot Water System Features

Enhanced insulating technology, positively impact on both aesthetics and performance

  •  Provides constant hot water with the utmost reliability
  • Its solar collector’s ability to optimise its solar energy captured, whilst minimising heat loss, therefore providing higher energy efficiencies (especially during the winter season when solar energy is at its lowest)
  • Both electric and gas boosting options h
  • Hills Solar have used some of the most advanced water heating technology on the Hills
  • Frost tolerant (have passed both the Australian & New Zealand 2007 Standards for hail & freeze resistance)
  • Option of either a mid element tank or a bottom element tank for electric boosted range (suitable for a quick emergency replacement of an existing electric tank). 
  • Available in both Natural Gas and LPG options

In contrast to the evacuated tube technology of the Hills Esteem (discussed above), there is the advanced solar panel technology of the “Hills Apollo”, another big selling Hills Solar hot water system. This system has been manufactured with the most recent improvements in solar heat transfer technology, bringing you a brand new advanced flat solar panel (delivering greater efficiency than that of other flat panel systems).

Being backed by Hills Solar’s advanced technology and durable solar hot water systems, it provides peace of mind and energy efficiency. Hill Solar are renowned for their solar collector’s ability to optimise the solar energy capture, whilst at the same time minimising heat loss. These systems come with a quality stainless steel tank and are designed for Australian conditions.

  • Reliable and durable
  • Energy efficient (saving on electrical cost)
  • Innovative sun capture technology (reduced households CO2 emissions)

The Hills Apollo combines progressive research and outstanding results in its modern design and exceptional water heating.

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