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Water heater leaking? Need repairs? Want an Apricus Solar Hot Water System?

Whether you are in need of a repair or replacement of an Apricus system, speak to the solar hot water specialists at Inline on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463). We provide services to homes in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, ACT, and surrounding areas.

Repair, replace or convert to Apricus solar & save money!

Don’t wait any longer to reduce your hot water bills – think Apricus Solar.

Inline are authorised Apricus water heater repairers as well as installers of solar water storage tanks.

Our quality service is both Sydney wide and in other regions, and guarantees to promptly send you an authorised specialist. With years of experience repairing existing solar tanks and collectors, as well as converting existing tanks to a new Apricus system, we have the necessary experience. 

For conversion to Solar, the following Apricus products are available :

The cutting edge Apricus solar hot water system units rely on their unique evacuated tube and manifold on the roof, the “Solar Collector”, to provide the solar energy for heating water. This unit is made up of a lightweight and durable structure which houses a set number of evacuated tubes. It comes in four main different sizes for the domestic market, consisting of 10, 20, 22 or 30 tubes, the suitability of each depending on the household’s hot water needs. However, for the largest of families (i.e. 8 people or more), larger manifold systems are available.


  • Easily replaceable evacuated tubes within the manifold
  • Durable and lightweight design (low impact on your roof)
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Smart circular design of its evacuated tubes (only need small glimpse of sunlight in order to generate the solar energy required to heat the water)
  • Endless installation capabilities (it can be mounted on any part of your roof, wall mounted, or even free-standing)
  • Frost protection and excellent performance in cold climates


  • 15 year on the manifold and mounting frame
  • 15 year on the evacuated tubes and heat pipes

Model Numbers (Range)

ModelSuits (Ppl)
10 Tube Manifold1-2
20 Tube Manifold1-3
22 Tube Manifold3-5
30 Tube Manifold4-6
40 Tube Manifold4-6

There are also Apricus Solar Collector combinations to suit commercial applications. These size options are endless (ie. can be done in many different combinations including off-the-shelf commercial packages and specifically designed commercial packages). Some commercial places where you can find an Apricus solar system are gymnasiums, dairy farms, hotels and motels, colleges and universities, and general businesses.

Apricus’ big selling electric & gas boosted hot water tanks come in either a Glass Lined or a Stainless Steel model. The Glass Lined tank is made of a high quality vitreous enamel and comes with a generous 10 year cylinder warranty. Whereas the Glass Lined gas tanks only differ by their capacity in litres, the Glass Lined electric tanks differ further according to their element set-up (coming in two different versions). That is, the electric tanks are available in two different element configurations — with the element positioned either midway down the tank or towards the bottom of the tank. Therefore, these electric cylinders are referred to as either a ‘Mid Element` tank or a ‘Bottom Element` tank, and are designed to suit the differing individual household’s hot water demands.

A selection of capacity sizes is another way to differentiate between the Glass Lined tanks, with them coming in a 250 litre, 315 litre and 400 litre size. This again means that the household can get a tank that best suits its hot water needs, saving further money on energy bills. Whereas a small household may make do with the 250 litre tank, the larger households usually opt for the 315 litre tank. Only the largest of homes every consider the 400 litre tank, as the 315 litre tank, together with the super efficient Solar Collector on the roof, will normally provide more than enough hot water for very large homes.

The Glass Lined tanks are cylindrical in shape, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are able to be installed either indoors or outdoors.

At Inline Plumbing and Electrical, we are experts at installing the complete Apricus Solar system and, thus, with our immense experience and expertise, we are able to find the best location for both the tank (on the ground) and Solar Collector (on the roof).

A feature of the electric tank range is its bottom element tank, which comes as a ‘Solar Ready Tank` (SRT). This means that one can immediately replace their existing leaking electric hot water tank with this hot water tank (hooking it up as per the existing arrangement). Then later on, when time or money permits, the householder can easily go the next step — retrofit the solar components (ie. Solar Collector, evacuated tubes, pump, controller, etc) to the new tank and, thus, make it now operate as a solar hot water system. This flexibility (i.e. allowing for an immediate replacement with an Apricus Solar Ready Tank — Bottom Element tank) is very useful for emergency situations, where an existing tank bursts and the household is without hot water.

Inline can immediately replace it with the ‘Solar Ready Tank’, getting the customers hot water back on quickly, and later on look to get it hooked up to solar. Not only does this create flexibility, but it also makes this system very affordable to the many different consumers and budgets.

Warranty (Electric)

  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 10 year on the cylinder only

For the household requiring an Apricus Gas Boosted solar water heater, the Glass Lined tank comes in the same 250 litre, 315 litre and 400 litre sizes. These gas tanks also come in either Natural Gas or LPG versions. The gas boosters have a bypass in them meaning that if the Solar Collector raises the temperature to 75 Degrees C, the Gas Booster will not switch on, saving you on gas usage. That is, the gas booster only comes on when the controller tells it that the Solar Collector (on roof) is producing water at lower than 70 Degrees C. When it then reverts to the Gas Boosted Tank, the Apricus Gas Tank (with its Continuous Flow unit attached to it) fires up and provides instant hot water. This means that with this Gas Boosted system, the household can have virtually endless supplies of hot water. Warranties on the Gas Tanks are the same as the Electric Tanks, however, the Gas Boosters warranties are different.

Warranty (Gas)

  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 3 year on the gas booster
  • 10 year on the cylinder only

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