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We can repair your Hocking & Wilson hot water system

If your Hocking or Wilson hot water heater is not working or is leaking, phone the experts on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463) for repairs or replacement. We provide services to homes in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, ACT, and surrounding areas.

Whatever problem you are having with your Hocking or Wilson 3-phase water heater, we can help you promptly. We carry a variety of parts in our trucks, including elements for 3-phase systems, for servicing Sydney and other regions 24/7. If your unit can’t be repaired, then we have a suitable replacement system readily available to install.

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The Wilson “A5“

The Wilson A5 instantaneous 3-phase water heaters supply a generous 4.5 Litres/minute of hot water, suitable for small households and units, as well as factories and shops.

Formerly Hocking water heaters (A3, A4 & A5)

This water heater has grown in popularity over many decades due to its small compact design (allowing it to fit in the smallest of areas, such as under a kitchen bench or in a linen cupboard). Another reason for its popularity is its strong track record of being reliable and durable (as evidenced by the decades of strong performance under the Hocking Hot Water brand, and continuing this proud tradition under the Wilson Hot Water banner).

Wilson Hot Water System Features

  • Indoor installation
  • Watermark approval
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Serviceable Parts (instead of replacing)
  • Pioneer of electric instantaneous water heaters
  • Extremely energy efficient as it will only heat as required
  • Smart design and does not require a safetray or water saving devices
  • User friendly and easily replaces an existing 3-Phase electric water heater

Wilson Hot Water System Warranty

  • 2 year warranty (both domestic and commercial)

Wilson Hot Water System Model Numbers

Model #Capacity L/minDegree Temperature Rise
A5 23 amp4.53 phase (50°C)
A5 20 amp4.53 phase (45°C)
A5 18 amp4.53 phase (40°C)

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