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Instant Hot Water Systems are also known as both Instantaneous and Tankless Hot Water Systems. They are referred to as Instantaneous Hot Water Systems because they provide hot water instantaneously to a household, irrespective of how much hot water has been used before turning on any hot water tap.

This is in stark contrast to a system such as a Gas Storage Tank, which has a limit on how much hot water it can provide per hour. These Instant Hot Water Systems are also referred to as Tankless Hot Water Systems because they do not require a storage tank to store water. That is, being tankless, they simply create hot water (from the cold water feeding into it) instantly. This instant hot water is created via a set of electronic instructions via the printed circuit board housed inside the tankless water heater unit.

Types of Instant Hot Water Systems

For Instant Hot Water Systems, the two available choices are Gas and Electric systems. These are both tankless instantaneous water heaters and can be installed either outside or inside a building. The Electric Instantaneous water heaters are commonly installed inside a home or business, rather than outside. The Gas Instantaneous water heaters are, on the other hand, more often installed external to a home or business, although they can be installed internally with significant extra costs.

The Tankless Gas Hot Water Systems come in various sizes, depending on the litres per minute they can produce. Some of the most common sizes are:

  • The 16 litres per minute or 20 litres per minute: These are only found in the smallest of apartments and homes.
  • The 26 litres per minute: This is the most common size and is appropriate for most households.
  • The 32 litres per minute: Suitable for boutique hotels, commercial buildings, multi-storey buildings or large homes where the 26 litres per minute model doesn’t suffice.

Tankless Electric Hot Water Systems come in either a single-phase or three-phase version. The sizes tend to vary between 2 litres per minute up to 8 litres per minute.

Energy Consumption
The Amps required of the Hot Water Circuit Breaker at the switchboard also varies, depending on the type & brand of Instantaneous Electric Hot Water System chosen.

Maximum Heating Temperature
Additionally, another variation to the Electric Tankless water heaters is their maximum heating temperature. That is, some have a built-in tempering valve, restricting the water coming out of the Tankless Electric Hot Water System to 50 degrees. Other Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Systems will heat up at 60 degrees, therefore requiring the technician to install a Tempering Valve on the outside of the Tankless unit to reduce the temperature of the hot water to 50 degrees before it reaches any taps.

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems - What are the benefits?

If you have ever run out of hot water and had to take a cold shower, then you know how bad it can get. You can avoid these cold mornings by installing an Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System. These Instant Gas Hot Water Systems are not restricted to the capacity of, say, a storage tank because they are tankless. That is, they provide continuous hot water, immediately heating the cold water that runs through the system.

Compact and space-saving

Another key advantage of these Tankless Gas Hot Water Systems is that they are small in size. These tankless water heaters simply hang on the wall (normally external to the house/apartment) creating lots of extra space, compared to the bulky storage tanks. This space-saving advantage is one of the main reasons you will often find the Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Systems installed with newly built homes.

No leakages

As Instantaneous Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters do not have storage tanks, you don’t have to worry about leakages and explosions along the pipeline. If you have small kids or pets, this is a good thing as they will not have a place to dip their fingers and paws.

Temperature control

Furthermore, you will love the feature that allows you to set the temperature of your choice. For instance, you can have the bathroom water at low temperatures to avoid scalding. Yet, in the kitchen and laundry area, water temperatures can be set higher, since you may need hotter water in these places. This feature is an option with many Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems.

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Instant Hot Water System Repairs, Replacement & Installation

Here at Inline Plumbing and Electrical, we are highly proficient at installing, repairing and replacing instant hot water systems. We carry stock of many repair parts and have ready access to all the manufacturer head offices or warehouses, so fast repairs are often possible.

Likewise, we carry stock of the most popular Instant Hot Water Systems, both Gas & Electric, allowing us to quickly supply and install your new Instant water heater. Our knowledge of both repairs and replacements of these Instant Hot Water Systems is second to none, and our prices are amongst the lowest available. Therefore, a quick phone call to our experts at Inline Plumbing & Electrical on 1300 465 463 will set you on the right path for your repair or replacement of your Instant Hot Water System.

How do Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems work?

The Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System, also known as the Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System, only heats water when necessary. Water flows through a specialised heat exchanger that ignites a gas burner, which in turn heats the water. These Instant Gas Hot Water Systems come in various sizes, depending on their flow rate.

High flow rates are suitable for large households while small ones are good for homes with few family members. A flow rate of about 26 litres per minute is most common and is normally best for anywhere from a two-bedroom household up to a five- or six-bedroom home.

One advantage of the Instant Gas Water Heaters is that they do not require a storage tank. Additionally, the hot water supply is continuous throughout the day and night, so you won’t run out of hot water at any time. They also occupy a small space, thus being wall-mounted inside or outside the home.

You can even put them in a cupboard or recess box to protect them from potential damage, although this is not necessary.

Importantly, you must be aware that legal requirements/rules govern the installation of these Tankless Gas Hot Water Systems. Thus, you should ensure that your hot water installer follows all the rules properly. This is yet another reason why you should phone the experts at Inline Plumbing and Electrical, with our over 30 years of experience in dealing with these specialised tankless water heaters.

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