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Electric Hot Water System Installation & Replacement

The team at Inline Plumbing have installed and replaced thousands of Electric Hot Water Systems in our time. Electric Hot Water Systems are easy to set up and can be brought in as a direct replacement for an old hot water tank.

Electric Hot Water Systems come in a wide range of sizes, meaning there is an option available for every home or business. For domestic usage, Single Element Hot Water Systems are represented by the smaller tanks, normally found in apartments, while the larger tanks are more common in houses and villas.

Electric Hot Water Systems for Apartments

The smaller 50L, 80L and 125L Electric Hot Water Systems are most often installed in apartments. The very small 50L tanks are suitable for installation under a kitchen bench, in a bedroom or hallway cupboard, or even up high on a laundry wall.

On the other hand, the larger 80L or 125L Electric Hot Water Systems are most often installed on the laundry floor, in a kitchen pantry, in the garage or on a balcony.

Electric Hot Water Systems for Houses

Larger Electric Hot Water Systems like the 250L, 315L and 400L tanks are the system of choice for houses, villas and town houses. These large tanks can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are often connected to off-peak heating to save money on electricity usage. When installed as an off-peak Electric Hot Water System, the cost of using these tanks becomes a lot more economical. This is because the reheat only occurs after midnight on the cheaper off-peak rate.

Electric Hot Water System Repairs

Here at Inline Plumbing and Electrical, we are highly proficient at repairing electric hot water systems if, and when, they need servicing. We carry stock of many repair parts and have ready access to all the manufacturer head offices or warehouses, so fast repairs are often possible.

Our Range of Residential & Commercial Electric Hot Water Systems

At Inline Plumbing, we repair, replace and install electric hot water systems from the leading brands. With so many options on the market, it’s important to speak to an expert about which electric hot water system is best for you. The team at Inline Plumbing can help you choose from our wide range of Electric Hot Water Heaters to find the best fit for your needs.

Rheem are often cited as the leading manufacturer of the Electric Hot Water System. Their wide range of systems are manufactured locally in Sydney, Australia, and boast excellence in quality, reliability and warranty.

Their features include:

  • Same mains pressure when several taps are being used at the same time
  • Designed for off-peak usage for larger tanks (therefore allowing savings in energy cost)
  • Available in both single and twin element options
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Many sizes available, ranging between 25L and 400L

Vulcan’s Electric Hot Water Systems range in size from 50L-400L, offering high quality and performance.

They are:

  • Available in both single and twin element options
  • Built with high quality materials
  • Corrosion resistant and weatherproof

The Aquamax systems are also range from 50L-400L and offer:

  • Vitreous enamel construction of cylinder
  • Dual handed for both the inlet and outlet
  • Available for both internal and external installation

Some advantages of the Everhot Electric Systemsinclude:

  • Mains pressure hot water even when other taps are used simultaneously
  • Off-peak usage allowed for in the larger tanks
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations

Thermann’s range of Electric Hot Water Heaters are:

  • Available in 25L-400L options
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Made using advanced machinery

Rinnai’s Electric Hot Water Heaters offer:

  • 6 Star energy efficiency
  • High quality Japanese design & manufacturing
  • Temperature control options

The features of the Dux Electric Hot Water Heaters include:

  • Full flow water pressure to all taps
  • Larger tanks produced with cheaper off-peak rates in mind
  • Easy installation as all tanks come dual handed

How much do electric hot water systems cost?

The cost of installing an Electric Hot Water System depends on the size of the tank. The larger the tank size, the more expensive the heater. This is due to the extra construction and manufacturing costs.

There is also a difference in price between a Single Element Electric Hot Water System compared to a Twin Element Electric Hot Water System. The Single Element Tank tends to be the more popular choice due to its relatively cheap replacement and usage cost.

Inline Plumbing’s Electric Hot Water Heater Services

With over 30 years of experience, Inline Plumbing and Electrical are the leaders in repair, replacement & installation of Electric Hot Water Systems. Whatever your needs, we can advise you on the most suitable size and brand of Electric Hot Water System for your home or business.

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