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Learn more about the following Aquamax hot water units Aquamax EM50, Aquamax E80-E400, Aquamax G390SS, Aquamax G270SS / G270VE, Aquamax Continuous Flow, Aquamax Solar Boosted Systems.

The smallest of the Aquamax electric hot water systems is the “EM50″. This model has a 50 Litre hot water delivery. Its height of 695mm and diameter of 400mm enable it to be installed in tight situations (such as under a kitchen bench or in a cupboard).


  • Energy Efficient
  • User-friendly compact water heater
  • Able to perform with ease in any household
  • Able to be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • Has its service outlets moved forward (for easier installation)
  • Supplies mains pressure water to all hot water taps when multiple taps are used


  • 1 year on components (parts and labour)
  • 5 year on the cylinder

Model Numbers

Model # Capacity (Litres) Suits (Ppl)
E1150S18 50 1-2
E1150S24 50 1-2
E1150S36 50 1-2

These water heaters range from 80 to 400 Litres, suiting any household’s hot water needs. All the tanks within this range are able to be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can bank on the high efficiency water heater keeping your household in piping hot water all year round.


  • Vitreous enamel construction of cylinder
  • Dual handed for both the inlet and outlet
  • Available for both internal and external install
  • Its service outlets are positioned forward for ease of install
  • Twin element options are available in 160L to 400L tanks


  • 1 year on parts
  • 5 years on cylinder

Model Numbers

Model # Capacity (Litres) Suits (Ppl) Suits (Ppl)
Single Element Tanks [Cont] [Off Peak]
E80S18 80 1-2  
E80S24 80 1-2  
E80S36 80 1-2  
E125S24 125 2-3  
E125S36 125 2-3  
E125S48 125 2-3  
E160S24 160 3-4  
E160S36 160 3-4  
E160S48 160 3-4  
E160S24X (Squat) 160 3-4  
E160S36X (Squat) 160 3-4  
E160S48X (Squat) 160 3-4  
E250S36 250 4-5 1-3
E250S48 250 4-5 1-3
E315S36 315 5-6 2-5
E315S48 315 5-6 2-5
E400S36 400 6-7 4-6
E400S48 400 6-7 4-6
Twin Element Tanks
E160T24 160 3-4 1-2
E160T36 160 3-4 1-2
E160T48 160 3-4 1-2
E250T36 250 4-5 1-3
E250T48 250 4-5 1-3
E315T36 315 5-6 3-5
E315T48 315 5-6 3-5
E400T36 400 6-7 5-7
E400T48 400 6-7 5-7



  • 10 years on cylinder
  • 1 year on parts

These gas storage tanks have options to cover most needs, from the smallest Stainless Steel 6270SS to the largest G340SS and G390SS. They come in high quality standard, use less gas keeping your energy bills down and are for outdoors only.


  • 5 star energy rating (saving on gas bills)
  • Stainless Steel tank adds durability (longer life)
  • Inbuilt mixing valve for G390SS (allowing a controlled mix of water temperature)
  • Optional twin temperature delivery installation (child-safe)
  • Available in Natural Gas option only


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 12 years on cylinder (270, 340 & 390 litre tanks)
  • Available on Natural Gas

Model Numbers

Model # 1st Hr (Ltrs) P/Hr (Ltrs) Suits (Ppl) Star Energy Rating
G270SS 270 130 2-4 5
G340SS 340 155 2-5 5
G390SS 390 155 3-6 5

These models are energy efficient, providing either 20 or 26 Litres/min of continuous hot water, and have the option of being connected to either Natural Gas or LPG. They are all user-friendly, have a compact design, and provide the user with an option of having their system come with a temperature controller.


  • Solar compatible
  • Never run out of hot water
  • With optional temperature controller
  • Available on Natural or LPG Gas options
  • Installation-friendly modern compact design
  • Star energy efficiency of 5.9 for 26L/min and 6.0 for 20L/min


  • 10 years on the Heat Exchanger


Model Flow Rate (at 25°C rise) Gas Type Suits (Bathroom)
20L Gas Continuous Flow 20L Natural or LPG Gas 1.5-2
26L Gas Continuous Flow 26L Natural or LPG Gas 2-2.5
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