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Wake up to a cold shower? Have a problem or leak from your Rinnai hot water system?

Is your Rinnai Infinity, Electric, Gas, Solar or Continuous in need of repairs or replacement? Call Inline Plumbing, the experts with all Rinnai water heaters – 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463).

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With short notice, we have the capabilities of getting to you fast, as we service Sydney and other regions daily. Inline has been leading the industry for more than 27 years and have a deep understanding of all water heaters. Our thousands of loyal customers who have posted recommendations are testament to our impeccable service and great prices.

Replace your old Rinnai hot water heater system with one of the following :

  • Prestige Closed Coupled Systems
  • Sunmaster and Prestige Electric
  • Sunmaster and Prestige Gas

This is the original continuous flow gas system that made the Rinnai hot water name famous. This range has a high gas efficiency star rating. These systems have become very popular over the years due to being energy efficient and were designed with the environment in mind.

Rinnai Hot Water Heater - Features

  • 6 Star energy efficiency (saves money and at the same time environment friendly)
  • Superior Technology (Quality Japanese design & manufacturing)
  • Available in 60 & 50°C preset (no tempering valve required for 50°C)
  • Hot water never runs out
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Temperature control options available

Rinnai Hot Water Heater - Warranty

  • 10 year and more warranty on the Heat Exchanger
  • 3 year labour warranty on the Heat Exchanger
  • 3 year parts warranty on all other components
  • 3 year labour warranty on all other components

Rinnai Hot Water Heater- Model Numbers (Range)

Infinity Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Bathrooms)
32Up to 37L/min3-4

This range comes in various sizes and storage capacities, beginning with 25 and going up to 400 Litre. It’s very small Rinnai 25 Litre model is perfect for installation under any bench (where space is limited) where as the unique size and shape of the tall and slim Rinnai 200 Litre model (is also ideal for installations in tight space situations). The complete range of water heater systems are built with inner cylinders (made from a mild steel) and an outer cylinder surface made of tough Vitreous Enamel lined steel.


  • Durable vitreous enamel lined steel tank
  • Safety temperature shut-off within its controlled thermostat for extra peace of mind and safety
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 7 years on cylinder (25, 50 litre tanks)
  • 10 years on cylinder (80, 125, 160, 250, 315, 400 litre tanks)

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity in LitreSuits (Ppl)Suits (Ppl)
  [Cont Tariff][Off Peak]
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