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Inline will save you by clearing your blocked toilet fast.

With over 25 years experience in clearing blocked toilet drains (especially the blocked toilet / blocked sewer system), Inline Plumbing is a market leader at providing an emergency plumbing service to unblock toilet plumbing drains anywhere in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and ACT.

The team of Inline drain plumbers have attended to many types of blocked drains and plumbing jobs, and are able to quickly analyse and unblock toilet plumbing drains efficiently and successfully.

Whether your blocked drainpipe is an emergency plumbing issue or a non-urgent home plumbing maintenance issue, your local Inline plumber will be on-site and fixing the problem fast.

Sydney’s Premier Blocked Toilet Drainage Plumbers:

Every home and workplace office need toilets that are fully operational.

When a toilet is not functioning correctly or the toilet is blocked, we all fully understand the necessity of having it fixed or unblocked immediately.

When attending to a blocked toilet repair / blocked drain, Inline Plumbing have the best range of sewer cleaning equipment available.

This specialised equipment enables us to be able to clear any type of blocked toilet / blocked sewer drain.

Some of the sewer drain cleaning equipment that our blocked toilet repair plumbers carry are:

Common causes of blocked toilet drains

Having a blocked toilet is one of the common plumbing problems / drainage problems that Inline attends to daily.

Some factors that can lead to a blocked toilet include:

  • tree roots in drains/tree roots in pipes,
  • wrong objects flushed down the toilet and getting stuck in the sewer pipe,
  • too much toilet paper flushed down the toilet plumbing,
  • a broken sewer pipe/sewer pipes.

Inline Plumbing can provide blocked toilet solutions for any type of clogged toilet/clogged drain. Our plumbing company has ALL your drainage solutions.


How to unblock a toilet

If you have a blocked toilet, the best solution is to call a professional such as Inline Plumbing who can attend to the issue promptly. This ensures the job is done quickly, safely and to the highest standard.

There are, however, some measures you can take to prevent making the blocked toilet problem worse.

Steps you should take if you have a blocked toilet

Commercial Hot Water Plumbing

Before working around a toilet, ensure you have the right equipment and protective clothing, such as: protective glasses pair of long rubber gloves small plunger sturdy bags with no holes

Don’t Flush

Anytime you flush a blocked toilet, the likelihood of making the toilet worse is high. The bowl in the toilet could fill up with the dirty water and you can end up with sewerage on the floor of your bathroom. Before trying to flush the toilet, remove the blockage in the toilet.

Be Brave

With protective gloves on, put your hand in the bowl. Feel around the bowl to see if you can reach and take out any substance that is blocking the toilet.

Plunge Carefully

Use a plunger inside the bowl. Move the plunger gently up and down to loosen the blockage. Do it carefully to avoid spilling any dirty water on you and on the floor of the bathroom.

Safely Dispose of the Waste

Once the blocked substance is loosened, pull all the waste out of your toilet and carefully place it in a black bag. Avoid dripping anything on the floor or yourself. Once you have removed all the waste and placed in the bag, remove it from the house and dispose of it carefully.

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