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Overflowing drains? Blocked toilet, shower or sink? Need it cleared fast? 25 years experience

If you have a blocked drain that needs clearing or cleaning, then call the blocked drain specialists on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463).

Inline will save you money and headaches by clearing your blocked drain fast.

With over 25 years experience in clearing drain blockages and providing emergency plumbing services across Sydney, clearing blocked drains with Electric Eels is our specialty.

Each 24 hour plumber has extensive experience in these types of plumbing jobs, and is fully trained at using the Electric Eel drain snake for any type of drain cleaning plumbing jobs. The Inline drain plumber has successfully used this drain pipe cleaner for blocked drain clearing plumbing work on numerous sewer drain / sewer pipes and stormwater drainage / stormwater pipes.

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Electric Eels – STRONG drain cleaning equipment -> FAST drain clearer

All Inline plumbers use the most efficient plumbing tools on all plumbing jobs. Drain clearing Electric Eels are a strong drain machine that we’ve been using for clearing blocked drains Sydney wide for years – whether it be a clogged sewer main / sewer drain, blocked bathroom drains / shower drains, smelly drains, a clogged floor drain, blocked toilet or a drain blockage in a sink (grease in sink drain, blocked kitchen sink, clogged laundry sink). Each skilled Inline emergency plumber combined with the electric eel drain machine has ensured that we have thousands of satisfied blocked drain customers throughout Sydney – people who have had their blocked drains cleared fast and successfully.

WHY use “Electric Eels” for drain cleaning?

To ensure we can provide drainage solutions to all your drainage problems, Inline’s 24 hour plumber uses the Electric Eel drain cleaner / drain snake because of its reputation for being one of the most preferred methods of drain clearing. Being one of the market leader plumbing companies, we understand how important it is to have the appropriate sewer equipment / drain equipment readily available for each job. We recommend using the drain eel / sewer snake for a number of reasons:

  • Its drain eel cutting heads thoroughly clear most drain blockages
  • Its combination of punching holes in a drain blockage as well as grabbing and pulling at a drain blockage can get through stubborn blockages (e.g. clusters of tree roots in pipes; a blocked toilet drainage system due to sanitary napkins and lots of toilet paper; etc)
  • The rigid drain cleaner type provides the flexibility for drain clearing both indoors and outdoors – eg. to get to the toilet pipe for blocked toilet solutions where there are tree roots in pipes; or outside for sewer drain cleaning of a sewer blockage / overflowing sewer with access to the clay sewer pipe / sewer drain.
  • Its flexibility, eel cutting heads and grabbing and pulling allows it to clear blocked sewer pipe (eg. blocked toilet / clogged toilet due to blocked drain pipe in toilet plumbing; unblock shower drain such as shower floor drain / shower floor waste from say hair in shower drain; clear sink / unclog sink from say hair in sink; unblock sink in kitchen – leaky sink / leaking sink due to a clogged kitchen sink; and many other drain blockages).

Electric Eels -> RECOMMENDED electric drain cleaner for clearing a blocked drain

As an electric drain cleaner, this plumbers snake (the Electric Eel drain cleaner) is one of the recommended types of sewer drain cleaning equipment. Besides this sewer eel, we also carry drain rods / sewer rods (for manual sewer pipe cleaning), the roto rooter (another drain clean machine), Rigid drain cleaners (a sewer cleaner), the sewer snake / plumbers snake and other sewer cleaning equipment.

All of these are a type of sewer machine / drain pipe cleaner with qualities essential for providing a full blocked drain clearing service and have been used for many years.

VARIOUS drain equipment -> COMPLETE drainage solutions

Inline Plumbing, we carry various types of sewer cleaning equipment so that there is rarely a blocked drain that we cannot clear. As well as the drain cleaning Electric Eel (electric rotor rooter), we also carry the water jet. Jetters are a high pressure water blasting option as a drain unclogger for your drainage system (especially applicable for stormwater pipe / storm pipe).

As an aid to either the drain clearing Electric Eel or the high pressure water jetter, the CCTV Camera (Drain Camera inspection equipment) is great for pinpointing the exact location and nature of the drain blockage.

It can help guide the drain plumber in how to clear a blocked drain, by looking inside the plumbing drains and showing the full extent of the plumbing problems within the plumbing drainage system. For example, by using it for a sewer inspection, the Drain Camera can alert both the drain plumber and customer of the need for an urgent sewer pipe repair in the sewer line (ie. replacing the affected sewer drain pipe with new pvc sewer pipe) or even identify further sewer cleaning that is required to rid the sewer line of tree roots in drains further down the sewer pipes and finally achieve a completely clear pipe.

Experienced at Drain Jetting -> for ALL TYPES of Blocked Drains

Being a one of the market leader plumbing companies, we understand how difficult it is to find a plumber who is capable of providing all your drainage solutions without you having to worry. We know we can provide the best clearing blocked drain plumbing service for drain clearing Sydney wide and always at the right price.

Call our 24 hour plumber Sydney drain cleaning experts now on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463) – for Emergency plumbing Sydney wide.

EMERGENCY plumbing Sydney wide -> 24 hour plumber FAST RESPONSE

Inline Plumbing and Electrical provides fast, reliable and efficient emergency plumbing Sydney wide. There is an experienced Inline 24 hour plumber & drainage specialist waiting to respond quickly to your emergency plumbing drain blockages. So, when an emergency plumber is needed for your blocked drain, simply phone 1300 INLINE and we will promptly send out a proficient 24 hour plumber.

We have been providing emergency plumbing services Sydney wide for over 25 years, with an experienced Inline drain plumber ready 24/7 to respond to your drain cleaning needs with all the right drainage solutions. Inline’s drain plumber is able to respond to your blocked sewer drain, blocked toilet, blocked bathroom sink or kitchen sink blockage, block shower or clogged shower drain, blocked sink drain in laundry sink, any blocked pipes or any type of home plumbing drain blockage. We are fully equipped for ALL your drain pipe cleaning needs.

Experienced at using Electric Eels -> for ALL TYPES of Drain Blockages

Inline’s licensed plumber and drainage expert has the drain cleaning experience to handle all types of drain blockages and plumbing jobs. The Inline local plumber is able to use the sewer eel / drain cleaner snake or any other sewer drain cleaning equipment to confidently attend to:

  • Blocked sewer pipe or sewer pipes
  • Drainage blockage at sewer mains
  • Unblock toilet or toilet plumbing / toilet repair
  • Blocked shower drain from debris / shower drain blocked from hair in shower
  • Unclog drains in kitchen sink plumbing / blockage in kitchen sink drain
  • Blocked sinks / basins (eg. clogged drain due to hair in sink)
  • Clogged floor drain (egg blocked bathroom drain / floor waste)
  • Unclog drain in laundry sink or sink plumbing
  • Drain cleaning of stormwater pipe or stormwater pipes
  • Clogged laundry sink or sink plumbing
  • Clear blocked drain / blocked pipes anywhere within your drainage system.

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