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Gas Hot Water Systems are some of the most common types of water heaters found in Australia, popular with both homes and businesses. Where there is Natural Gas available at a property, the Australian consumer has the option of a Natural Gas Storage Tank, a Continuous Flow Tankless unit, or a Gas Boosted Solar system.

Gas Storage Tanks are sold in greater numbers due to ease of installation, while the Tankless Gas Hot Water Systems are popular amongst new builds. However, some householders choose to pay extra to have their leaking Gas Hot Water Tanks replaced with a Tankless water heater. This is appropriate in cases where the conversion is practical and workable, and where the costs are not exorbitant.

A combination of Gas Storage Hot Water Tank and the Tankless system can also be found in some of the Solar water heaters. These are called Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems. Their ability to make use of free hot water from the sun yet have the backup of the Gas Water Heater makes these a popular choice.

To make the right choice for your home or business, it is imperative you speak to a Gas Hot Water System specialist. This is where Inline Plumbing and Electrical come in with our 30+ years of experience. We know what is best for each individual situation, and you can trust both our expertise and honest advice. Our knowledge of the different Gas Hot Water manufacturers is second to none, with us being preferred VIP installers for most brands, as well as warranty agents. So whatever Gas Hot Water System you need, or whatever brand you prefer or want to know more about, Inline Plumbing and Electrical can help you. We are available 7 days a week on 1300 465 463, so contact us today!

Gas Hot Water System Installation & Replacement

Inline Plumbing and Electrical have replaced thousands of Gas Hot Water Systems over the last 30 years. We have replaced all types and sizes of Gas Storage Tanks on all kinds of properties. This experience has allowed us to manage even the most challenging situations, where access is extremely difficult.

Likewise, we have replaced thousands of Gas Storage Hot Water Tanks with the Tankless version, upgrading and running all the necessary gas and water pipework to suit. Gas Hot Water System Installations involving the replacement of a Gas Continuous Flow Tankless System with another Tankless model is something we do almost daily, having also experienced every type of challenging situation. Whatever your Gas Hot Water System replacement needs, we at Inline Plumbing and Electrical have the combined expertise to handle your job with the utmost confidence and professionalism.

Gas Hot Water Tanks - What size is best for you?

Gas Hot Water Systems not only come in different types, but they come in many different sizes and models, in both domestic and commercial varieties. This can make the choice confusing for the average consumer, which is where Inline Plumbing and Electrical comes in.

Indoor or Outdoor?

When it comes to Gas Hot Water Systems in the storage tank option, there are both indoor and outdoor varieties.

Indoor Gas Hot Water Tanks

The internal Gas Hot Water System tanks currently come in the 135 Litre and 170 Litre sizes and are exclusive to Rheem, coming straight out of their Rydalmere, Sydney manufacturing plant.

Outdoor Gas Hot Water Tanks

The external Gas Hot Water System Tanks are offered in mainly the 135 Litre and 170 Litre sizes. Rheem also still manufacture the 90 Litre for situations where height restrictions only allow for this size.

One further variation in the external Gas Hot Water Tanks is the star rating, with Rheem producing both a 4 Star (Rheem 347 series) and a 5 Star (Rheem Stellar) tank. The primary difference between these two is the recovery. The 4-star tanks have a 113-118 litres per hour recovery, whereas the 5-star Rheem Stellar offers a 200 litre per hour recovery.

One other important difference involves the flue, with the Rheem 347 series having its flue at the very top of the tank, compared to the 5-star Rheem Stella with its flue towards the bottom of the tank. This is an advantage when the top of the Gas Tank is positioned within 500mm of a window, meaning that only the 5-star Rheem Stellar can be legally installed in this position, for safety reasons.

Water usage & demand

Suitability often depends on hot water usage as well as the number of occupants in a home. A large family with high usage would be better suited to the larger 170 Litre (4-star) Gas Tanks, or the faster recovery Rheem Stellar (5-star) tanks. If usage is not extreme, the shorter 135 Litre (4-star) tank is more than adequate.

Inline Plumbing and Electrical can confirm the most suitable size of Gas Hot Water Tank for you by asking a few simple questions. Upon determining the best Gas Hot Water Tank for your needs, we can organise a fast delivery of the new system and have it installed promptly, with our warehouse stocking all the main sizes and types of units.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters - What size is best for you?

Gas Continuous Flow systems, also known as Tankless water heaters, also come in different sizes, brands and types. Choosing the right size, as well as brand and type, can be a daunting task for the average consumer. With the help of hot water specialists, like Inline Plumbing and Electrical, the task can be made much easier.

The most common size of Gas Continuous Flow system in Australia is the 26 Litre size. This 26 Litre per minute is the biggest seller for all the major brands including Rheem, Rinnai, Thermann, Dux, and more. They are suitable for both larger homes and smaller households, be it a house, villa, townhouse, or apartment. The leading manufacturer of the 26-litre Tankless system is Rheem, with its Rheem Metro 26. This Rheem 26 Litre Continuous Flow unit comes with numerous features and technological advancements, including:

  • Error Display window (making it easy to troubleshoot problems)
  • Flame Safe wrapped around the inside of the unit (a safety feature ensuring the system can never overheat & catch on fire)
  • 3 thermistors (helping keep the hot water temperature stable and less prone to fluctuations)
  • EZiSET remote control mobile App (able to be programmed to numerous mobile phones and doing away with the physical controllers)
  • Well-sealed Printed Circuit Board (enabling a mainly interruption-free performance)

The Rheem Continuous Flow range has the added advantage of having been engineered in Sydney, Australia, using an internal engineering department. This has allowed the design and features of the unit to be truly made for our climate and type of usage.

In extreme usage situations or very large multi-storey buildings, the larger 32 Litre Gas Continuous Flow units can be suitable. Likewise, in the smallest of apartments, the very small 16 Litre or 20 Litre Gas Continuous Flow units may be ok. Additionally, there are also internal Gas Tankless systems available, but these have the added complication of needing suitable internal flueing to take the gas emissions from inside to outside the residence.

With so many considerations, it is best to speak to us at Inline Plumbing and Electrical so that our Hot Water specialists can ask you the right questions and, ultimately, give you the best advice. Once the right choice is made, we can supply and install most Continuous Flow models fast and efficiently.

Gas Hot Water Systems for Apartments

Gas Continuous Flow water heaters are often found on the balcony of an apartment, this usually being the smartest and safest location for it. They can also be housed inside a recess box, which can make the replacement of the Tankless system potentially more complicated or difficult due to access. In this case, there may sometimes be a gap at the bottom or top of the system, if the size dimensions of the new model are different from the old.

Just as many apartments have their Tankless Gas units installed on the outside balcony wall, without being in a recess box, thus allowing for more flexibility in the replacement of the older tankless unit. Some unit blocks even allow all the Gas Continuous Flow systems to be mounted next to each other on an outside common wall at ground level. Similarly, some large unit blocks have all their Gas Continuous Flow units mounted in the common area on the roof of the building with all the other plant and equipment.

The most suitable size and model of Tankless system will depend on numerous factors. A call to us at Inline Plumbing and Electrical will allow us to point you in the right direction. Although the 26 Litre system is still the most common size sold for apartments, we will know whether it is better to have a smaller size installed such as the 16 Litre or 20 Litre system. Phone us today on 1300 465 463 for more information.

Gas Hot Water Systems for Houses

Where Natural Gas is available, the Gas Continuous Flow 26 Litre unit is still the number 1 sold system for houses, whether it is a 2-bedroom home or a larger 5-bedroom mansion. They only heat up when a hot water tap is turned on, thereby saving a lot of energy usage in the process. There may be a case for installing a larger 32 Litre Gas Continuous Flow system in a high usage household or a very large multi-storey building, especially where there already exists a 32 Litre unit.

If the external system is mounted inside a recess box, then a similarly sized unit to the one already there may make for an easier and smarter install, depending on the household's usage and hot water needs. After all, the performance of these units is just as important as aesthetics. Another variation is when the system is located inside the house. In this situation, the flueing must be considered because of the safety requirements.

Gas Hot Water System Repairs

Our gas specialists at Inline Plumbing and Electrical have been repairing Gas Hot Systems for over 30 years. We have enormous experience in repairing all types of Gas Hot Water Systems, including Gas Storage Tanks, Tankless units, and Solar systems. We stock and carry the most common repair parts for Gas Hot Water Systems, and even carry parts for most of the major brands.

A repair may be worthwhile if a Gas Tank is not leaking or rusted, the Tankless System's Printed Circuit Board is not ruined or the Heat Exchanger not leaking. Get in touch with our experts on 1300 465 463 and we can discuss the best option for you.

Brands of Residential & Commercial Gas Hot Water Systems

We deal with all the major brands of Gas Hot Water Systems, including Rheem, Rinnai, Thermann, Dux, Chromagen, and more. With over 30 years of experience dealing in Gas Hot Water Systems, we know what is best for your needs.

The Rheem brand is the only Gas Hot Water Tank manufactured in Sydney, Australia, having done so for over 80 years now. Additionally, their Gas Continuous Flow systems are the only ones engineered in Sydney, Australia. This has enabled Rheem to remain the leading manufacturer of quality Gas Hot Water Systems in Australia. Not only is quality their big advantage, but also the fact that parts are readily available in the event of a repair. Their range of Gas Hot Water Systems is also the largest, allowing for installation of both indoor and outdoor Gas Hot Water Systems.

Vulcan’s Electric Hot Water Systems rhave both 135 Litre and 170 Litre options. They feature:

  • Balanced flue and steel jackets
  • Easy installation on an approved base against a wall or recessed into a wall cavity
  • An affordable range

The Aquamax systems stock both Gas Hot Water Tank systems and Gas Continuous Flow systems.

The Tank systems:

  • Come in 270 Litre, 340 Litre and 390 Litre capacities
  • Have a 5-star energy rating
  • Have a child-safe optional twin temperature delivery installation

The Continuous-flow systems:

  • Are solar compatible
  • Never run out of hot water
  • Are highly energy efficient

Some advantages of the Everhot Electric Systems include:

  • 4-star energy efficiency
  • Available in two sizes: 135L and 170L capacity
  • Fast recovery

Thermann’s wide range of Gas Hot Water Heaters are:

  • Available in 16-32 Litre options (continuous) and 135 & 170 Litre options (storage)
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install and replace

Rinnai’s Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters offer:

  • 6 Star energy efficiency (for their Gas Continuous Flow units)
  • High quality Japanese design & manufacturing
  • Temperature control options

The features of the Dux Gas Hot Water Heaters include:

  • Full flow water pressure to all taps
  • Larger tanks produced with cheaper off-peak rates in mind
  • Easy installation as all tanks come dual handed

How much do gas hot water systems cost?

The cost of supply and installing of a Gas Hot Water System depends on the size and location of the tank or tankless unit, as well as the difficulty of access. The larger tank sizes cost more than the smaller sized water heaters, due to the additional manufacturing costs.

A price difference can be found between the internal and external Gas Hot Water Systems. The internal Gas Hot Water Systems are more expensive than their external counterparts, due to the extra construction costs. The extra safety requirements in the internal systems make their construction more complicated and therefore more expensive.

Inline Plumbing Gas Water Heater Services

We can work out the price for the supply and install of most types and brands of Gas Hot Water Systems, be they Tanks, Tankless or Solar systems.

So, phone us today on 1300 465 463 and we can help you choose the right size, model, and brand of Gas Hot Water System.

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