Why A Dux Hot Water System Is A Great Choice

Why A Dux Hot Water System Is A Great Choice

Dux hot water systems is the largest locally owned manufacturer of hot water systems in Australia.

They are a great consideration for you if you are looking for a quality hot water system.

The company spends time and a huge amount of money on developing technology that is environmentally friendly. This enables it to come up with some of the greenest hot water heaters in Australia.

Dux hot water system gives you high quality and continuous hot water.

In addition, it enables you to save money because it uses less energy. Furthermore, it reduces environmental pollution.

Inline Plumbing has many years of experience in the purchase, installation and servicing of Dux hot water systems throughout Sydney.

The team at Inline Plumbing make sure that we help customers select the best hot water systems for their circumstances which also meet high-quality standards. We are happy to recommend a Dux hot water heater for customers.

How to choose the Dux hot water heater capacity that meets your needs

This depends on how many bathrooms you have as well as the number of people that are using hot water at one time. Other factors considered include the number of washing machines, dishwashers as well as the availability of bathtubs.

The climate of the area and the pressure that hot water comes out with will also affect your needs.

Here Is Why You Should Consider Choosing A Dux Hot Water Heating Systems:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to install
  • Long service life
  • Available in both single and double element
  • Water flows to all taps at full pressure
  • Highly versatile in the sense that similar unit can be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • The steel tanks are made of high-quality material which makes it durable.
  • Dux is one of the best companies in Australia
  • Comes with 7 year tank warranty
  • Resistant to moisture and any form of damage
  • Attractive appliances with a modern outlook
  • Colour-coded indicators for inlet and outlet of cold and hot water respectively
  • Watermark approved. This guarantees you high-quality hot water

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