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Read more detailed information below about the various replacement options.

These electric hot water heaters are great for replacing older models that use a lot of energy. There are a large number of units to choose from that is perfect for your home. This ”Proflo” range start at a 25 Litre baby model and goes up to the 400 Litre tank. The smaller heaters (25, 50 and 80 Litre) are more commonly found in apartments, whereas the larger tanks (125, 160, 250, 315 and 400 Litre) are often installed in houses, villas, and townhouses. Dux Proflo is one of the best electric hot water system ranges available, built in Australia for our harsh conditions, have 100 years of manufacturing expertise behind them, and are very efficient and durable.


  • Full flow water pressure to all taps
  • Larger tanks produced with cheaper off-peak rates in mind
  • Easy installation as all tanks come dual handed
  • Both single and twin element options are available
  • Smaller tanks have option of being plugged into a power point
  • Available for internal or external installations


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 7 years on cylinder (25, 50 Litre tanks)
  • 10 years on cylinder (80,125,160,250,315,400 Litre tanks)

Model Numbers (Range)

Model # Capacity (Litres) Suits (Ppl) Suits (Ppl)
Single Element Tanks [Cont] [Off-Peak]
25W1 25 1-2  
25W124P (Plug-in) 25 1-2  
50W1 50 2-3  
50W124P (Plug-in) 50 2-3  
80T1 80 3-4  
125T1 125 4-5  
160T1 160 5-6  
250T1 250 5-6 2-4
315T1 315 7-8 2-5
400T1 400 9-10 4-6
Twin Element Tanks
315T2 315 7-8 2-5
400T2 400 9-10 4-6

The “Prodigy” is Dux’s gas storage tank range and is made for outdoor installation. They are rectangular shaped and have a flue at the top of the unit. They come in a plumber-friendly dual handed design, are built in Australia for our tough weather conditions and to the highest standards. This range offers both natural gas and LPG options. The Dux Prodigy gas storage range has a patented flue damper that is specially designed to reduce the loss of heat from the system use. There is a strong stream of hot water and there are fast recovery rates. It will work harder when in use. The gas storage range does not need power points. You will be able to have hot water even if the power is off.


  1. Dux Prodigy 4
    • Easiest replacement for a similar shaped unit (identical footprint to the old 3 star)
    • Dux’s biggest selling gas hot water storage system
    • Very reliable with 100 years of manufacturing expertise behind it
    • Energy efficient with 4 star rating and user friendly
    • Full mains pressure with a constant, strong stream of hot water
    • Easy installation, with water connections on right and left sides of tank
    • Tank insulated with robust foam for added durability
    • No power point required so hot water continues, even with no power
  2. Dux Prodigy 5
    • Quick recovery and user friendly
    • Has patented flue damper which reduces heat loss
    • Energy efficient with 5 star rating
    • Same footprint as old 3 star system


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 7 year on cylinder (Prodigy 4 - 135 & 170 litre tanks)
  • 10 year on cylinder (Prodigy 5 - 135 & 170 litre tanks)

Model Numbers (Range)

Prodigy 4:

Model # Capacity (Litres) Gas Type Suits (Ppl) Star Energy Rating
135ZB4N 135 Natural 3-5 4.2
135ZB4P 135 LPG 3-5 4.2
170ZB5N 170 Natural 4-6 4.2
170ZB5P 170 LPG 4-6 4.2

Prodigy 5:

Model # Capacity (Litres) Gas Type Suits (Ppl) Star Energy Rating
135DB5N 135 Natural 3-6 5.3
135DB5P 135 LPG 3-6 5.3
170DB5N 170 Natural 4-7 5.3
170DB5P 170 LPG 4-7 5.3

This range comes in 4 different models including 16, 20, 26 and 32 litres/min and is covered by a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger, including 3 years parts and labour. A popular feature is its ability to heat water only when needed and always at a low energy cost. Another benefit is its many different sizes and options meaning there is always a model to suit any household.


  • Use continuous flow principle to provide instant hot water as needed.
  • Up to 4 controllers are available per unit as optional accessories
  • Other optional accessories include a -Galvanised Recess Box’ (for recessing in the wall), a main, bath and shower controller and a Flue Diverter (26 Litre only).
  • Offered in both Natural Gas and LPG options, making it practical and versatile.


  • 3 years on parts and labour
  • 10 years on the heat exchanger across all models

Model Numbers (Range)

Model # Capacity (Litre/min) Pre-set Temp Gas Type
16L50 16 50°C LPG
16N50 16 50°C Natural
16L60 16 60°C LPG
16N60 16 60°C Natural
20L50 20 50°C LPG
20N50 20 50°C Natural
20L60 20 60°C LPG
20N60 20 60°C Natural
26L50 20 50°C LPG
26N50 20 50°C Natural
26L60 20 60°C LPG
26N60 20 60°C Natural
32L50 32 50°C LPG
32N50 32 50°C Natural
32L60 32 60°C LPG
32N60 32 60°C Natural

This system will provide reliable and efficient hot water. It is powered by solar gas and allows you to use and enjoy hot water 24/7. The Dux Sunpro solar gas hot water heater also helps save energy. There is a storage tank of 315 litres and can be used for a home with 2 to 6 members. The hot water heater is a split-system design with a Dux gas solar booster. During which the periods of low sunlight, its booster will automatically turn on to ensure a continuous flow of hot water. There are 2 different Dux Sunpro types in the range – the Electric boosted and the Continuous Gas boosted models.


  • Next generation split system design with multi-temperature tank configuration,
  • Solar panels constructed with 4mm glass for greater weather resistance
  • High performance black chrome selective solar panel surface collectors
  • Patented Hotlogic processor technology – continually seeks for and adapts to the cheaper alternative source of energy.

Electric & Gas Boosted Sunpro Systems

While both Dux Sunpro models share the above similarities, they are all unique in their own way. Whereas the electric boosted model relies on electricity as it is back up source of hot water, the 2nd model combines a tank with a continuous Gas Dux Endurance system, providing a cheap form of continuous gas boosted back up (should the sun not be available to provide its solar energy).

These models are available in a range of tank sizes and panel configurations to suit every home. The Dux Sunpro Gas boosted model is suitable for (and comes in) both LPG and natural gas. It is more environmentally friendly than its electric counterpart, having as its advantage its ability to heat water only when needed, therefore saving the householder on energy bills.


  • 1 year full parts and labour warranty
  • 5 years tank warranty

Model Numbers (Range)

Dux Sunpro Electric Boosted:

Model # Capacity (Litre/min) # of Panels Suits (Ppl)
D2F136T2AC 250 2 2-4
D3F136T2AC 315 2 3-5
D4F136T3AC 400 3 4-7

Dux Sunpro Gas Boosted :

Model # Cap (Ltrs) Ltrs/ min Gas Type Suits (Ppl)
D2FN20T2AC 250 20 Natural 4-6
D2FL20T2AC 250 20 LPG 4-6
D2FN26T2AC 250 26 Natural 4-6
D2FL26T2AC 250 26 LPG 4-6
D3FN26T2AC 315 26 Natural 4-7
D3FL26T2AC 315 26 LPG 4-7
D4FN26T3AC 400 26 Natural 4-8
D4FL26T3AC 400 26 Natural 4-8

The “Airoheat” is Dux’s most highly awarded heat pump (as opposed to the cheaper “Radiant”). This tank is powered by the patented Hotlogic technology and has the highest efficiency in its class (beating all other heat pumps in the market and making it a big seller). It is able to heat water even in the colder air temperatures and goes about its work with a relatively quiet operation. The pump can be used if a solar power hot water heater cannot be installed on your property. This is another option for environmentally friendly hot water collection.


  • Most highly awarded and efficient heat pump in Australia
  • Able to operate in colder climates
  • With its anti-freeze function, there is no need to have back up elements or solar collectors
  • Designed to provide 38% faster recovery over the old Airoheat model
  • Fantastic new vented design
  • Easy to install due to it coming as a compact or single piece unit, which can be easily changed over from an electric storage water heater
  • On warmer days, it can produce over 700 Litres of hot water within a 24 hour period whilst using 70% less energy than a standard off peak electric storage water heater, giving it another advantage over its competitors
  • Great energy savings to the home user for their hot water usage


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 2 years on refrigerant components
  • 5 years on the cylinder

Model numbers

Dux Airoheat:

  • D2FHG3000C — Outdoor with 250 Litres capacity (suits up to 4 people)

Dux Radiant:

A cheaper heat pump alternative is called the “Dux Radiant”. It is similar to the Airoheat, but has marginally reduced efficiency ratings.

  • Dux R2FHG1000C — Outdoor with 250 Litres capacity (suits up to 4 people)

Recent Dux Hot Water Heater Repairs | Dux Hot Water Tank Replacement Work

Inline Plumbing are the premier Dux hot water heater plumber in Sydney. Our team of Dux hot water system plumbers are regularly called out to business and homes throughout Sydney to either repair a Dux hot water unit or fully replace the Dux water tank.

In either scenario we can attend to your emergency hot water problem the very same day and replace or repair your broken hot water system straight away - to ensure you have hot water services ASAP.

Here is a brief list of some of the jobs we have recently completed including areas and Dux model numbers.

• Bronte - Locate Dux 135ZN outdoor replacing rusty Vulcan Gas 135 litre

• Darling Point - Attend to fix no hot water Dux 315S1 by replacing damaged element 3.6

• Bellevue Hill - Supply & Install Dux 250S1 in the garage replacing leaking Rheem 250 litre

• Elizabeth Bay - Install Dux 250S1 replacing old and rusty H/Dux 250 litre hot water system

• Eastgardens - Supply and Install Dux 315S1 in position of old Rheem 315 litre

• Botany - Replacing very old Dux 125 litre with new Dux 125 water heater

• Kensington - Replace faulty Dux 400F248 with the new Dux 400S2 hot water tank

• Eastlakes - Replace leaking Dux Radiant 250A136 with new 10 year warranty Dux Radiant 250A1

• Centennial Park - Install new Dux 400S1 in place of no hot water Rheem Single Element 411/400

• Surry Hills - Replace Dux 315F2 Twin Element with new Dux 315S2 in difficult position.

• Annandale - Supply & Install Dux 135ZN outdoor replacing rusty Vulcan Gas 135 litre

• Ashbury- Supply & Install Dux 400S1 hot water heater outdoor replacing leaking Rheem Optima electric hot water system on off peak.

• Balmain East- Replace leaking Dux 135L on laundry floor with Dux 170ZN with 7 years warranty.

• Abbotsford - Attend to repair no hot water Dux 315S1 by replacing faulty element 4.8kw

• Breakfast Point - Installation of Dux 80F1 in place of Rheem 80 litre.

• Burwood - Supply & Install Dux 250S1 outdoor replacing Rusty Rheem 250 litre

• Camperdown - Install Dux 250S1 replacing old and rusty H/Dux 250 litre hot water system

• Dulwich Hill - Supply and install Dux 315S1 in position of 8 years old Rheem 315 litre

• Erskineville - Replace faulty Dux 400F248 with the new Dux 400S2 hot water tank

• Lilyfield - Replace old and Rusty Dux Radiant 315A136 with new 10 year warranty Dux Radiant 315A1

• Marrickville - Supply & Install new Dux 400S2 in place of no hot water Rheem Double Element 492/400

• Mortdale - Replace Dux 315F2 Twin Element with new Dux 315S2 in difficult position.

• Avalon – Repairing no hot water Dux 315 litre located indoor by replacing the thermostat and element 3.6kw.

• Belrose – Locate new Dux315S2 on laundry floor in replace of leaking Rheem Twin Element 315L.

• Balgowlah – Supply & Install new Dux 250S1 in place of dripping Rheem Optima 250 litre.

• Whale Beach – Fix no hot water Dux170ZN by replacing Thermocouple Stella

• North Curl Curl – Installing Dux 175ZN in store room in place of leaking Rheem 50L.

• Church Point – Dux 250S1 installation replacing existing which is giving rusty water.

• Cromer – Replace old and rusty Dux 250T1 with new Dux Proflo 250S1.

• Freshwater – Supply & Install Dux 315S1 outdoor in place of leaking Rheem 315 litre.

• Queenscliff – Replacement of old and rusty Rheem 315 litre with installation of new Dux Proflo 315S1.

• Elanora Heights– Supply and Install Dux250S1 replacing faulty Rheem 250 Litre.

• Brookvale – Install new Dux125S1 in garage in replacement of leaking Rheem 125.

• Manly – Replace new temperature pressure relief valve on a Dux135ZN gas hot water heater.

• Marsfield – Supply and Install Dux175ZN in place of Rheem125L.

• West Ryde – Replace old and rusty Vulcan 250L with new Dux250S1.

• Ryde – Install new hot water Dus160S1 outdoor in place of no hot water Dux160S1.

• Pennant Hills – Supply and Install new Dux 315S1 in different position.

• Ermington – Attend to fix faulty Dux125S1 and replace Tempering valve.

• Carlingford – Install new Dux250A1 outdoor in place of leaking Vulcan250L.

• Putney – Replace dripping Dux135ZN with new Dux135ZN on side of house.

• Gladesville – Supply and Install Dux160 in Garage in place of old and rusty Rheem.

• Epping – Install Dux315S1 outdoor replacing old rheem 315L.

• North Epping – Supply new hot water Dux125 and Install in difficult position

• Hoxton Park – Supply and Install Dux125L indoor in place of no hot water Vulcan125L.

• Lurnea– Replace new Dux400L hot water system in place of old and rusty Rheem 400L.

• Blair Athol– Install Dux125L outdoor replacing Dux80L.

• Regents Park – Supply new hot water system Dux315S1 in different position.

• Narwee – Attend to fix Rusty and faulty Dux125L and replace Tempering Valve.

• Moorebank – Install new Dux125S1 outdoor replacing old Dux80L.

• Greenacre – Supply and install Dux170L on side of house in place of leaking Dux135L.

• Ingleburn – Install Dux125L outdoor replacing of leaking Dux80L.

• Minto – Supply new Dux250L outdoor and install in difficult position.

• Long Point – Replace no hot water system 125L and install new Dux125S1 in difficult position.

• Allawah - Installation of Dux 400S1 outdoor replacing rusty Rheem Single Element 400 litre

• Bardwell Park - Attend to repair no hot water Dux 400S1 by replacing damaged element 4.8kw

• Bexley - Supply & Install Dux 250S1 in the garage replacing very old Rheem 250 litre

• Blakehurst - Install Dux 250S1 replacing ineffective H/Dux 250 litre hot water system

• Carlton - Supply and Install Dux 315S1 in position of rusty & no hot water Rheem 315 litre

• Earlwood - Replacing very old Dux Double Element 400 litre with new Dux 400S2 water heater

• Kingsgrove - Removal of old Dux Single Element 400 litre and installation new Dux 400S1 water heater system

• Lugarno - Change broken Dux 400F248 with the new Dux 400S2 hot water tank

• Mascot - Replace damaged & leaking Dux Radiant 315A136 with new 10 year warranty Dux Radiant 315A1

• Narwee - Supply & Install new Dux 400S2 in place of water-flowing Rheem Double Element 492/400

• Peakhurst - Remove Dux 315F2 Twin Element and install new Dux 315S2 in difficult position.

• Lakemba – Supply and Install Dux125A1 in garage in place of existing Rheem125L.

• Picnic Point – Install new Dux80F1 hot water system in different position replacing old Rheem191/080.

• Geogers Hall – Replace no hot water Rheem125L outdoor with a new hot water system Dux125S1.

• Regents Park – Supply new hot water system Dux250S1 in difficult position replacing Vulcan250L.

• Narwee – Attend to fix faulty Dux080L and replace Tempering valve.

• Hurlstone Park – Install new Dux125S1 outdoor in place of old Dux80L.

• Greenacre – Replace Dux160L with new Dux250L on side of house.

• Condell Park – Install Dux125L indoor in place of no hot water Dux80L.

• Regents Park – Install Dux250L outdoor replacing old Vulcan315L.

• Earlwood – Supply new hot water system Dux125L and install in difficult position replacing Vulcan125L.

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