Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch

Have You Purchased Or Are You Having Issues With a Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch Instant Hot Water System?

If You Are Thinking About Repairing or Installing a Rinnai Gas Water Heater Yourself, Please Consider Having It Repaired or Installed By An Expert

Get Help From a Professional Rinnai Gas Hot Water Expert Installer

We’ll walk you through the steps to install a Rinnai 26 Touch gas heater shortly, but we highly recommend you have any repairs or the installation done by a certified professional.

Repairing and installing a hot water system is a challenge for many reasons, but a gas hot water heater comes with a unique set of challenges. Gas is not something to play around with and if you haven’t repaired or installed your new Rinnai hot water system perfectly you are putting you and your family at risk.

Please get in touch with one of our Rinnai hot water system experts and ensure your system is repaired or installed properly and safely.

Installing A Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch Means You Will Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again

One of the first things you want to check when installing a natural gas water heater is the gas service lines.

It is important to make sure the Rinnai Infinity gas water heater is being supplied with enough gas, and that the pipe size is adequate.

Your gas lines need to have enough load in the system to accommodate the water heater, the system needs between 200 – 250 megajoules per heater. If you have an existing gas service which is corroded – it might be worth the effort to put a new 20mm copper line from the meter, straight through to the new hot water heater.

A 20mm pipe is going to be sufficient to cover the load of the Rinnai gas water heater.

Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch Installation

Disconnect the existing gas hot water service. The first thing you will need to do is isolate the main gas supply and the water supply from the appropriate meters. By using a shifter disconnect the gas and water line services from the old water heater you are replacing. When disconnecting the water be very careful as hot water will scald.

Make sure you release the temperature and pressure relief valve before doing so. Thus disconnect the Kinko nuts on the hot water tank outlet and when you do, hot water is going to drain out of your cold water outlet, so be very careful.

Rinnai 26 Touch Continuous Flow – 6-star energy efficient rating

The new Rinnai 26 Touch continuous flow hot water heater is a 6-star energy efficient hot water heater which is designed to save you money on your gas bill.

The continuous flow of hot water is great. The Rinnai 26 Touch does not have a pilot light as they have an electric ignition and a sensor switch.

So when cold water passes through the hot water heater unit, the heater will automatically fire up and heat the water. The benefits of the Rinnai 26 Touch is you will never run out of hot water.

Another great benefit of the Rinnai 26 Touch continuous flow gas hot water heater is the small and compact design of the unit. Your standard gas hot water heater has a large storage tank which generally takes up a lot of room. During the installation of an instantaneous hot water heater, your plumber will check the clearances through windows, doors, and any opening into the building.

The Rinnai 26 Touch allows you to set the temperature with a remote, which is great for those with young kids. It also omits the need for a tempering valve or a thermostatic mixing valve.

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