Water Heater Leaking

Water Heater Leaking

Water Heater Leaking from the Top

Leakage from the top of a water heater is not as significant as a leak on the lower side.

This kind of leak can easily be repaired and you may not incur a lot of costs.

Top leaks are not most experienced by users and in case you experience this, there are two major likely causes.

Possible causes of a water heater leaking

A loose pipe installation

Sometimes you may find a pool of water next to your heater that might have been caused by either the inlet pipe or the outlet pipe. Most people on seeing this get worried a lot not knowing what to do next.

What you are supposed to do is to have a close look on the pipes and other fittings leading to the hot water heater. You may find that the problem is just a minor one and you may just need to tighten the loose pipes with a pipe wretch. Sometimes the pipes may have busted or it may have some rust. This can be a serious problem and what you need to do is contact an expert who will help you fix the problem.

Your T & P vales may not be leak proof In case you see any leakages from the side of your water heater, it is necessary that you examine the pressure and temperature valves that are on the sides of your heater.

You should take a close look on these two valves for you to know if they are leak proof or not. You may also need to empty your tank so that you can have a thorough examination. You can use the necessary tools to unscrew the valves and check if there is any rust that might have corroded the valves. In case you find any of them corroded, it will be good that you replace them. If you find all these valves in good condition or the leaking parts cannot be seen, then you will need to cover the treads of each valve with a Teflon tape and screw them back to the container.

Having done all the necessary repairs in your water heater, you will need to observe it again very closely to see if the problem is solved.

If the leaking still persists, then you may need to contact an expert plumber who will repair it for you.

Corrosion or Rust

Corrosion or rust on the upper side of your water heater can provoke some leakage on the heater. This mostly occurs on old heaters or may also be caused by poor electric connections on the heater.

The corrosive effect can be a minor one and you may just have to fix it by yourself. If this is so serious then it is necessary that an expert plumber fixes it.

If rust attacks one part of your heater, it spreads to the rest parts and so it is good that you just replace the corroded part immediately.


A water heater leaking probelm could be due to several reasons. Therefore, before you seek for any kind of help from an expert, it is advisable that you take a close look on the problem first. It can be a small problem that you can fix it alone. This will save you some costs and also you will get to learn and have some experience on how to repair your water heater.

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