Blocked Drain Plumbing Service

Blocked Drain Plumbing Service

How Much Does It Cost To Clear A Blocked Drain?

Just like having a blocked toilet, you will get a real life’s test if by any chance your drain blocks.

The case is worse if you have your whole house flooded with water and the case can be worst if its sewage spewing out of the drainage system.

Many factors can cause drain blockage and these may include toilet papers and sometimes the roots from the trees on your property. In case there is a blocked drain on your property, you need to act fast and call a specialist blocked drain plumbing service.

Do not attempt a DIY even if you think you have the right equipment for the job.

Who can you hire to unblock your drain?

At any day, a plumber is the right person to call to fix your drainage issues. In some cases, you might need someone who is more specialized in the field with specific training to handle the condition of your drain.

To begin with, according to NSW Fair Trading, draining work is anything that entails removal, disconnection, extension, construction and cleaning of any sanitary drain that in one way or another connects or has to connect with a sewer whether directly or indirectly.

In that case, acquiring a licenced drain plumber is a good idea because they have the qualifications to conduct all the above activities.

It is important to note that in Australia; only licensed plumbers can carry out any plumbing duties legally.

Factors to consider when hiring a blocked drain plumber

Now that you have the knowledge of whom to call when you have a blocked drain, finding the one professional that can handle the job is another task.

First, you need to ensure that you have at least three quotes at your disposal.

From the quotes, ask the plumbers the following questions to figure out who the right one may be:

  • Is he insured?
  • Does he have a license?
  • How fast can he provide a quote for the job you are about to offer?
  • Is there any person that you can use as a source of reference?

From the first meeting, you can figure out many things about a plumber that are enough to know if he can do the job right. Judge a plumber basing on how effective his communication is, how he attends to his first appointment, how he converses and whether you are comfortable having him around.

How do plumbers get the job done?

Today, plumbers have their work made easier by the ever-growing number of sophisticated devices available for them to use when unblocking drains. However, the plumbers have to locate where the problem is in order to know what devices to use. It is going to be more costly for you if the plumber sees no sign of leakage.

In this current generation, plumbers can use what they sometimes call drainage cameras to figure out where the blockage might be located in your drainage system.

According to plumbers, the major causes of drain blocks include:

  • Children’s toys
  • The contents you flush down the toilet
  • Buildup of solid grass
  • Roots from nearby trees

Upon identifying the cause of blockage, the plumber will go ahead and fix it.

In cases where the drainage system has suffered damages, you might have to replace them.


The cost of hiring a plumber depends on several factors such as where you live, the plumber’s call-out fees, and the additional charges that hiring the plumber.

For weekends and after hours calls, expect the rates might be higher .

The skill level of the plumber you hire is also a factor. Expect to pay more for a more skilled plumber.

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