Tankless Water Heaters – Common Repair Issues

Tankless Water Heaters – Common Repair Issues

Tankless water heaters are an excellent alternative to the more traditional models of water heaters, as the water is heated as it makes its way from the tank to your shower head or tap.

Although there are many advantages in installing a tankless water heater, including a never-ending supply of hot water and lower operating costs, there is always the chance that you’ll run into problems occasionally.

Here are the most common repair issues when owning a tankless water heater.

Build-up Hard water

Build-up Hard water is an issue across all parts of Sydney, as it can leave residue behind whilst passing through a tankless system.

The residue itself won’t cause you any harm, but it can build up and begin to clog the system, restricting the flow of water and can cause a lot of trouble if left unaddressed.

Schedule a maintenance servicing to remove any hard water build-up.

Ventilation issues

Ventilation issues In order to ensure you won’t overload the system, your tankless water heater needs to be properly vented from all the heat generated. Backups and clogs can interfere with ventilation, potentially causing the unit to shut down to prevent it from overheating. Once more, ensure your tankless water heater is properly serviced will safeguard your unit of any clogs and buildups, and fix any malfunctioning or damaging ventilation issues.

Corrosion Condensation

Corrosion Condensation on the tankless water heating unit can drip onto the gas burner, ultimately corroding it. Over time, this will not only restrict the flow of gas but reduce the efficiency of the entire system. Regular servicing can prevent a tankless water heater from critical damage. Call us today for all your tankless water heater repair and servicing needs.

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