Signs Of Trouble With Your Sewer Line

Signs Of Trouble With Your Sewer Line

You Might Need A Sewer Line Repair If You Notice These Problems

It’s easy to understand why the worst plumbing news any homeowner could hear is that they have a leaking sewer line.

A homes sewer line is usually buried underground, so if it happened to spring a leak or you have a blocked sewer, there can be devastating results.

The good news though is that thanks to modern advancements, such as “trench-less technology”, this problem has been made easier to deal with.

Always leave the job to a qualified sewer plumber, however, before you call someone in to look at the problem, you should first spot the signs of sewer leaks.

The sooner you do this, the better off you and your home will be.

Below are a few possible signs of sewerage damage one may experience:

  • Abnormal Water Flow. If there’s a leak in the system, your home’s water pressure may go down. On the other hand, in you are experiencing a clog or a back-up in your system, your toilets and sinks may drain overly slowly, if at all.
  • Strange Smells. Just as you’d expect, sewage creates awful smells. If you notice some just outside your house or somewhere else they shouldn’t be, you can be sure you have a problem.
  • Puddles Showing Up Out Of Nowhere. Similarly, a leak in your sewerage pipes can create odd puddles or possibly strange divots in your yard.
  • Suddenly Greener Grass. Sewage, dare we say, can act as a natural fertiliser, and as gross as it is, a leak may actually feed your grass and plants to make them a lot healthier. If you suddenly become aware of a patch of shrubbery or plants in the yard that’s much greener than the rest of your plants, there may be a sewer leak feeding it.
  • Higher Water Bills. Leaking water is wasted water, which you are paying for, even if you’re not using it. An unexplainable spike in your water bill could signify that your sewer line is wasting water.

If you need a sewer line repair – contact the team at Inline Plumbing for a fast and affordable quote.

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