Safeguarding Your Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Safeguarding Your Continuous Flow Hot Water System

How to Prevent your Continuous Flow Hot Water System from getting stolen

The theft of gas continuous flow hot water systems is becoming an increasing issue for these outdoor water heaters. Because of the compact nature of these continuous flow hot water systems, they are an ideal size for the thief, who will make for an easy get away if given the opportunity. The last thing you want is for your beautiful newly installed water heater to be stolen just after it has been installed, as this would be both a costly and very frustrating experience.

It goes without saying, of course, that you will want to get the hot water supply to your house back on as soon as possible. So, one needs to take immediate responsibility to ensure the security of the hot water system – at the same time as the installation of the hot water unit.

Therefore, this should be discussed at the time of booking in the installation of the hot water system. One of the best ways to combat the hot water unit thief is to simply have a special cage fitted around it. This article briefly talks about this and other ways to beat the thief so as to give you piece of mind.

So, please read on for more ideas to further protect your asset from getting stolen.

Security Cage for Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

When having your cage fitted around the water heater, it is vitally important that the cage allows the gas to escape from the hot water system. This is automatically achieved by the make-up of the cage, which should have sufficient ventilation in keeping with the hot water system.

That is, the cage needs to be constructed of a gridded wired mesh or of similar construction. In this way, gas from the water heater is able to escape through the holes in the cage and, at the same time, the gas hot water system is securely locked away from that dreaded thief. Equally important, is that the cage is installed by a licensed professional, and ideally by the plumber installing the hot water unit, so that any pipe work adjustment can be made at the time of the installation of the cage. That is, often either the gas pipe inlet or the cold water pipe inlet may need to be adjusted in order to fit the cage more securely around the water heater.

Alternatively, a locksmith could be employed to build a special purpose-built security cage around the hot water system. It is also worth noting that at least two water heater manufacturers, Rheem and Rinnai, make their own special cages to suit their own brand of continuous flow units. The benefit of this hot water manufacturer specially designed security cage is that one is easily able to order the hot water system and the security cage simultaneously.

Extra Security around the house

There are, of course, other ways in which you can ward off the hot water systems thief. Specifically, one should always make sure that the side gates to the house are locked at all times for extra security.

This is in order to prevent a thief from simply walking through and making for a clean get away with your water heater. Another precaution one could take to ensure the safety of the water heater would be to install outdoor sensors and detectors around the house.

This, together with, say, an outdoor security camera, will be of great help in putting off any intruder, in the event of an attempted theft of the hot water unit.

Installing Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems out-of-sight

Having your gas continuous flow hot water system in an out-of-sight, concealed, location is another good way to prevent it from theft.

The reason being, it would be unable to be seen from the street. If the gas and water pipes are reasonably close by, making it practical to install the hot water system at the back of the house, then this would be another good measure to take to ensure the safety and security of your water heater.

Secure Installation of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Additionally, the continuous flow hot water system may be installed by the plumber in a special way, thereby making it very difficult for the thief to steal the hot water system without breaking a part of it (i.e. the water heater). In conclusion, one should always remember to organise and incorporate his or her chosen method of security, in line with the installation of the continuous flow water system. In so doing, this will help to avoid any undesirable theft of the hot water system.

If you want to have an outdoor continuous flow hot water unit installed, with the right advice about achieving both the most efficient outcome from your water heater as well as the best security for it, then Anytime Hot Water are the specialists in this field. They have an excellent reputation in this field and are fully accredited with all the major hot water manufacturers. In particular, they won the 2014 Rheem award.

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