Rinnai Infinity Hot Water System

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water System

Rinnai prides itself for having transformed the way in which Australians enjoy hot water.

Significant transformations occurred in the 90s when this company the first fully electronic gas continuous flow hat water system was launched.

This system was named Rinnai Infinity hot water system.

The main reason behind the adoption of this name is because this system never ran out of the water.

Therefore, the continuous flow of hot water was experienced and admired by many households during this period.

Currently, these systems are more elegant and stylish since they have undergone many transformations.

Most of them are designed with the environment in mind to ensure that they do not cause any form of pollution. How it works This system is designed to start working when water passes through the heating unit.

This means that energy is only utilized when the tap is turned on.

This process thus makes this device energy-efficient since water is just heated when required.

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water System

  • The compact design ensures that there is flexibility during installation
  • The system is economical to operate
  • Designed in such a way that it never runs out of hot water
  • Up to 12 years of Heat exchange warranties
  • Uses Puretemp™ temperature stability

You can also have one of the most sophisticated hot water systems by combining the Rinnai Infinity hot water system with one of our advanced water controllers.

Controllers play a vital role which involves allowing you to set your desired hot water temperature simply.

These devices also allow you to turn on the hot tap and enjoy since it prevents the mixing of hot and cold water. NOTE: It is practically impossible to use water controllers with gas boosted solar hot water systems.

Types of Water Controllers

a) Deluxe Bathroom Controller

  • Allows you to enjoy the perfect temperature always
  • It contains the master controller that is typically installed in the kitchen
  • It has separate bathroom controllers
  • It has an automatic bath fill function
  • Allows you to install up to 4 controllers in your home

This type of controller is highly preferred since it will enable you to have advanced control of your Rinnai infinity system in a smart-looking control panel.

b) Deluxe Kitchen Controller

  • Paves way for precise temperature control in their kitchen
  • This device is usually installed in the kitchen
  • It allows for an accurate temperature control
  • It contains room (priority) transfer
  • You can connect up to 4 controllers in your homestead

In most cases, washing dishes needs water that is 15 degrees hotter than the one obtained from the ideal shower. It is also vital to have an advanced controller over the average temperature of the hot water in your kitchen which is entirely different from the one used in the bathroom.

c) Universal controller

This system has precise temperature control and room (priority) trandfer.it also contains the Smartstart preheat system functions. With the Rinnai Infinity hot water system, you can get most out of your water controllers. It is now time to say goodbye to temperature fluctuations. What you need to do is to set the controllers at your desired temperature and then turn the tap on. It is needless for you to add cold water to attain your desired temperatures. Instead, the infinity will do all this work for you.

d) Wireless Controller

Allows you to control your hot water from where you want This system contains room transfer, child lock and Smartstart preheat functions You can now enjoy the benefits of temperature control without necessarily engaging in the hassle of hardwiring and installation. You can now opt to use the standalone wireless water controller kit since it is considered perfect for retrofitting into existing homes.

Rinnai has a wide range of hot water systems that can be used to cater for all households in Australia. Each variety is specifically designed to offer unique benefits to the families. Some of these benefits comprise of high efficiencies, safety, water conservation and reliability. If you need further assistance with regards to hot water systems, please do not hesitate to contact your professional plumber and electrical services.

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