Rinnai Hot Water Storage Systems

Rinnai Hot Water Storage Systems

Offering Innovative Solutions For Hot Water Storage Systems

Rinnai’s wide range of hot water storage systems – single and twin electric gas storage tanks, electric storage tanks and heat pumps are a perfect solution for replacing your current storage tank installation.

The comprehensive range of their storage tanks, as well as the different sizing, you can be sure you will always find a water tank right for your use.

Gas Hot Water Storage

Thanks to our HOTFLO 4-Star gas storage hot water systems, you are guaranteed of always having lots of water any time you need it.

Created to be an easy and a quick way of replacing your current gas storage tank, the Hotflo range gives you two choices of capacity which are 135- or 170-litre capacities and provides mains pressure hot water at once to multiple taps. We have optimised gas consumption so as to energy use but this has not compromised on product performance.

This, in turn, allows enough first-hour delivery capabilities while at the same time maintaining your heater’s life expectancy.

Medium Capacity Electric Storage

With medium capacity tanks that range from 80 litres to 160 litres, we boast one of the most effective and energy-efficient systems that will meet the hectic household demands of your water needs.

The 160L Rinnai Solar Hot Water System Tank also comes in twin element configuration.


  • Built-in anode protection that extends the tank’s life;
  • The tank has added durability thanks to vitreous enamel;
  • The 160L capacity has single and twin elements;
  • It includes pressure-temperature relief valve;
  • It has better flexibility especially during installation;
  • Work perfectly for both internal and external applications; and
  • Thermostatic control that features safety temperature shut-off gives you peace of mind.

Electric Hot Storage Water Systems

We have a tireless range of HOTFLO electric water storage systems that come in different capacities.

Whether you want the smallest unit which is 25L or the largest (400L) storage cylinder, we have a tank to fit every need. We have a comprehensive range of tanks, which make it easy for you to update to a Rinnai without much hassle.

Heat Pump

Our HOTFLO Electric Heat Pump hot water storage systems heat water using the heat from the air outside the pump, without requiring solar panels. the best part is that you can save day or night, which lowers your hot water monthly bill by a whopping 25%. Split Heat Pump Functioning like an AC unit in reverse, the HOTFLO Split Heat Pump transfers feat from the air outside it to the water found inside it.

With similar advantages as those offered by electric boosted solar hot water systems, it is ideal for use in situations where it is not practical to use a roof-mounted solar system.

Key Features

  • 10 Year warranty
  • Durable compact compressor, heat control and exchanger system;
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel tank; and
  • Manageable two-piece transport that makes it easy for you to transport it to anywhere you want.

Hot Storage Water System For Every Occasion

Whether you want a unit for business or just home use, you can be sure that Rinnai has you covered.

From different capacities, the units are efficient and are guaranteed to save you lots of money in monthly bills.

Plus, they are easy to install so you won’t have to hassle over it.

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