Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems

Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems

With Rheem solar hot water systems, it is more than just a feeling. Free and natural. It is the way we have always wanted to shower. It is a fact of life and it is for us to enjoy every day.

Rheem solar thermal panels on your roof will do it. Rheem’s SolPak design lets the sun heat the water naturally to get the luxurious hot water heated free from the sun. On tap. Everyday. Now that is what you call free and natural! Hot water that saves on energy, saves on water heating costs and helps save the environment too. With a Rheem Solar hot water system, you get it all. And it is all free and natural. Now isn’t that the way you have always wanted to shower?

How To Save Money With Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems

1. Save on Energy

By using the sun’s free energy it can lessen the hot water energy consumption by 50% to 90% depending on where you live. That is up to 90% less gas or electricity which needs to be supplied.

2. Save on water heating costs

Reducing energy usage will give real dollar savings every day. An average home can expect to save money off its energy bills year after year. And with the way energy costs are increasing around the world, the savings could be even greater in the future.

3. Save the environment

Not only this system will make big savings on the energy costs, utilising the sun’s free energy is best for the environment. A family of four with a Solahart water heater can save up to 3 or 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a traditional electric water heater. This is the same as taking a small car off the road, so you can imagine the benefits for our future generations and the future of the planet.

A Rheem solar water heating system pays for itself in 3 ways

1. Big savings on the water heating costs

Savings will rapidly increase to big savings over the life of the Rheem Solar water heating products.

2. Take the government incentives and rebates

Because a Rheem solar water heater is good for the environment there are Federal Government incentives with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and some States offer further rebates which can significantly reduce the initial investment of a new Rheem system.

3. Rheem solar water systems long life

With our experience, Rheem solar water heaters have been proven to last longer than conventional water heaters, which means you will still be enjoying Hot Water Free From The Sun for years after your neighbours have to replace their conventional systems.

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