Rheem Assortment of Water Heater

Rheem Assortment of Water Heater

The Assortment of Rheem Water Heaters

The assortment of Rheem water heaters is a combination of a storage electric tank type and heat pump water heater. Heat pump water heaters can extract heat out of the air, similar to the air conditioner, but rather than putting the high temperature back into the air like the air conditioners, the heat pump puts it into the water with a heat exchanger.

Releasing the heat out from the air is much cheaper than inducing humidity with the use of electricity. Managing the use of the electric heating components and the heat pump properly, the elements become its support sources of heat and the highly effective hot water pump provides the water heating energy. These heating elements are turned on to help out the water heating pump provide additional hot water when the need arises.

The unit features a 10-year warranty, an energy factor (EF) of 2.0, and has 2-1/2 inch thick foam insulation. The operating extent is from 40 degrees to 120 degrees built-in freeze/overheat security and touts an air filter that can be washed for the heating pump.

Three Functions of Operation

The Rheem unit has three functions of operation. The heat water pump which is the most cost-effective and is able to let it ‘ON’ in that mode without interruption. Rheem calls this mode the “Energy Saver” mode.

The second mode of operation is called the “Normal Mode” which make use of the heat pump and the heating components. Normal mode uses more energy but is able to give more hot water. The heating unit is utilised during normal mode when the water temperature falls below between 105 and 110 degrees or dependent upon the temperature set on the control panel.

A third mode of operation is “electric elements only”. The water heater successfully becomes a standard electric water heater while the water heating pump is not working. When the water heater was in the electric mode only it automatically adjusts to the former setting whatever it was after two weeks.

There is another mode called “vacation” that keep the water in the heater at 90 degrees.

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