How To Easily Reset the Reset Button On An Electric Hot Water Heater

How To Easily Reset the Reset Button On An Electric Hot Water Heater


Alright, in this video I’m going to show you how to reset the reset button if you’ve tripped the reset button in your electric hot water tank.

This particular one is a 40 gallon General Electric one, and about two years old at the time I’m filming this.

And it has like two elements on it, one on the bottom, one on the top, and the reset button popped on me.

I was working on something upstairs electrical and I think it popped the switch. So what I’m going to do is.

You want to make sure the power is off before you go into the patch panel here. So I’m going to undo these two screws.

There’s one at the bottom. Then once you get these two screws out, you will more than likely will see some insulation in the way.

And on this unit the reset button is right here so you’re gonna push it back in and that just kinda reset the electric to go to the bottom element and stuff. You’re gonna wanna put the fiberglass insulation back in.

Make sure you have your cover the right way. You never want to leave this uncovered because someone could get electrocuted if they happen to brush up against the wires inside.

If you have any pets they like to jump on top of an electric hot water heater, God only knows what they can get in to.

Basically you hit that reset button and put the cover back on.

You’re probably going to want to wait twenty minutes to a half hour and see if that has solved the issue for you. I hope that you liked the video and I hope this helps.

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