Replacing Hot Water Heaters

Replacing Hot Water Heaters

Important Considerations When Replacing a Hot Water Heater

In the past when hot water heaters needed replacing, most households simply bought a new hot water heater to replace the old one.

But in today’s world with tighter regulations requiring hot water tank heaters to become more energy-efficient, buying a new hot water tank just got a little more tricky and possibly more expensive.

Although energy-efficient hot water heaters will allow you to save money on your electricity or gas bill over time, if you haven’t replaced your hot water tank in a number years, you will soon have to come to grips that you have more hot water system types to choose from than before, so it’s important to do your homework.

In addition to conventional tank hot water heaters, tankless water heaters have improved considerably which adds another dimension of choice.

Furthermore tankless water heaters, which only heat the water you use, already meet the stricter efficiency standards set.

Other water tank choices include solar water heaters, hybrid electric/heat-pump models, and even condensing gas water heaters. The majority of Australian homes have traditional hot water tanks that hold less than 200 Litres of water.

If you’re replacing a hot water system tank of this size, the new more energy-efficient hot water heater model may be up to 5-10 cm larger than the old tank and can generally be placed in the same location unless of course, it’s in a very tight spot.

For such hot water units, the new standards have increased efficiency by an average of 4 %.

Large water heaters will see bigger efficiency gains and ultimately you will notice it more in your utility bills.

But to attain those efficiency gains, the larger water tanks need to use modern technologies that are less familiar to homeowners including electric heat pumps, which transfer heat from the surrounding air to water, and condensing gas heaters, which capture heat that usually goes up the flue.

For households with electric heat, replacement options include hybrid heat pumps, for the most effective efficiency gains.

For households with gas heat options include a large condensing gas tank water heater or two smaller conventional models.

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