Have A Blocked Sink?

Have A Blocked Sink?

Nothing is more inconvenient than a blocked sink.

It literally puts your life in pause mode as you are unable to use it, be it the kitchen or bathroom sink.

You may have experienced a couple of minor sink blocks that are not a cause for concern.

Sometimes the solutions are easy and inexpensive, but a major sink block would require you to keep quite a chunk of cash ready to pay to the plumber.

Below is the stuff you need to avoid disposing down your sink

  1. Food: Without thinking much about the consequence, you may carelessly wash of food particles off plates in the sink. This is the number one cause of sink clogs. Food particles, especially like pasta, coffee grounds, potatoes etcetera obviously mix with the water in the drain. This results it to turn into a paste form which coats the inside of the pipes.
  2. Oil and Grease: Greasy and oily stuff are in a liquid state when you use it and therefore it might seem alright to dispose of it in the sink. What you may not have realized is that this grease and oil once down your drain, cools and hardens forming a sludge like substance that is capable of causing a block.

In the event of a sink block, you could try out any of the alternatives as mentioned below:

  • Home Remedy Home remedies exist for nearly everything, including a blocked sink. All you need to do is to first pour hot water down the sink. Then immediately throw half a cup of baking soda and wait a couple of minutes. With a cup each of water and vinegar, make a mixture and pour it in after the baking soda has had time to settle. While giving it around 10 minutes to react, you can cover the sink drain with the drain plug. Finish this home remedy with one last pot of hot water down the sink drain. This method gets rid of slime and sludge resulting in clear pipes again.
  • Plunger Being easy and convenient, this is the first thing that comes to mind in the event of a clog. For best results, first partially fill the sink with hat water. Then place the plunger over the sink drain. With rapid upward-downward motions, work the plunger. After doing so for thirty seconds, take off the plunger and you will notice the water beginning to drain. If not, continue doing so until it unclogs. In case this doesn’t work, you always have the last option mentioned below.
  • Call an expert Since plumber charges are expensive, some may think it is better to fix the clogged sink themselves. But by doing this, not only would you waste an additional amount of money (as you will most likely end up calling a plumber), but you may cause damage while trying to repair it. This would lead to the plumber fixing more than what was the original problem.

Your garbage disposal has one job – to clear away the kitchen scraps. However, you too need to be cautious while disposing of your kitchen waste. Be sure not to throw away certain chunky or oily stuff down your sink.

After all, your kitchen garbage bin exists for a reason!

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