Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problems

High Water Pressure

Modern plumbing and improved technology have benefited the pipes in use today, as they are no longer subject to the wear and corrosion the pipes of a few years ago were exposed to.

Even so, high water pressure in your pipes is still a common problem that does need to be addressed.

Typically, higher water pressure for a short period of time will not harm your pipes, however, if your pipes are constantly faced with consistent high water pressure, it could amount to a serious problem.

Luckily, you can find yourself a pressure gauge for cheap at any hardware store to check on your water pressure yourself.

Hence, read on to see three of the most common plumbing problems caused by high water pressure.

Increased likelihood of a pipe bursting

Burst pipes can significantly damage you home, whilst also making a great deal of mess in hard to reach areas such as your crawlspace.

High water pressure usually strikes at the weaker and more corroded parts of the pipe, which makes something that was already a problem into a gigantic headache for the whole family.

Outlet damage

High water pressure not only damages your pipes, it can also affect any fixtures, such as shower heads and faucets. Over time, high water pressure increases the chances of any plumbing fixtures to break down and shorten their lifespan.

Wasted water, wasted money

Even if there isn’t any obvious damage, high water pressure equates to wasted water. Every drop more of water coming out of your taps adds up, resulting in higher water bills. To resolve high water pressure issues, call us today.

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