Licenced Plumber

Licenced Plumber

The importance of hiring a fully licenced plumber

This article refers to an extraordinary true story concerning a young child, her nanny, and a hot water system.

Every household needs to monitor their hot water unit on a regular basis.

Most people do not take the very simple steps outlined in this article, to ensure that their water heater is performing in the way that it should. In short, though, it is by the regular servicing and monitoring of your hot water unit, that you will in essence, extend the life of your water heater.

That said, it is also of utmost importance that you find a reputable fully licenced plumber that you can call on to attend to the problem instantly, especially, in an emergency.

A fully licensed plumber, he should be able to assist with any servicing, repair work, or even a complete replacement of your water heater, when the need arises in future.


Hot water system home explosion

Back to the “true story”, it was an explosion of a hot water system that was caught on camera, which had put the lives of a 3 year old toddler and her nanny at risk. The story which was recently posted on the FOX 29 news website, reported the incident to have occurred on the 18th March, 2015, in Bellingham, Washington.

This short story was titled : Caught on camera : boiler explodes inside home. The massive eruption of the water heater, situated in the basement of the home, had caused significant damage to the basement wall, “sending shrapnel everywhere”. Fortunately, both child and nanny had narrowly escaped any harm, as the explosion had also reached into the child’s playroom.

According to the report, as a result of the hot water unit erupting, the first floor level had been “raised”, and it had caused “a crack in every wall”.

So, what do you need to do ?

  • You need to test your water heater’s pressure relief valve every 6 to 12 months to ensure that it is working properly. All you have to do is just lift up the lever part of the way, then simply let go, which will allow it to snap back quickly. Once tested, if you can hear that it is discharging water, then you know it’s all ok. If not, then the valve would need to be replaced.
  • Look out for any rust build up within the seat of the pressure relief valve, as this rust could lead to you having a faulty valve, which would need to be replaced.
  • Attend to any leakage promptly (by phoning your plumber), be it a leak from a valve, or a pipe connected to the hot water system, or, of course, the water heater itself.
  • In addition to this regular servicing of your relief valve, it is critical that you get a professional onboard. Make sure that he is fully licensed. The importance of hiring a fully licensed plumber is self explanatory, and we trust that bringing this true story to your attention, has made you even more aware of this.

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Importantly, their plumbers are all fully licensed and experienced, and the company are fully accredited with all the major hot water manufacturers, such as Rheem, Dux and Rinnai. They service Sydney and other regions, and are currently looking to expand Australia wide.

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