Your Kitchen Plumbing During The Holidays

Your Kitchen Plumbing During The Holidays

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Is your kitchen drain blocked?

The meals you’ve served to all your friends and family that visit your home throughout this holiday period can really take a toll on your kitchen plumbing.

So it shouldn’t be surprising to hear the large amount of calls we receive about problems such and backups of food and clogged kitchen plumbing.

By paying a bit of extra attention to what is going down your kitchen drain, you could do yourself a big favour.

Here are some expert tips to keep your kitchen plumbing cleared

Fruit seeds and bones:

Dispose of all hard fruit seeds and bones in your rubbish bin as they can cause some serious damage to a garbage disposal and backlog the kitchen pipes. Fibrous vegetables:
Vegetables such as celery stalks, carrot and potato peelings can tangle up and clog up your piping system very quickly and easily.

Coffee grounds:

As coffee grounds are sandy and hard, they can cause some trouble with a garbage disposal. Additionally, if exposed to water in your pipes, the coffee beans will swell up, increasing in size and result in blocking the pipes.

Fats, Oil and Grease:

Although you poor hot oil and grease down your pipes as a liquid, the coolness of your kitchen plumbing will harden up these liquids and hence, block your plumbing. Instead, pour these liquids in a glass container, let it harden and then throw it away in the rubbish bin.

Rice and pasta:

Like coffee grounds, rice and pasta also has the tendency to swell when exposed to water. Thus, avoid rinsing them down the drain by carefully disposing of it from a plate into the bin.

If, however, you do run into trouble with your kitchen plumbing these holidays, call us today.

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