Rinnai Gas Hot Water System

Rinnai Gas Hot Water System

Rinnai Gas Hot Water Systems are typically available in a host of options.

The common ones include hot water storage tanks, multiple continuous flow system’s and hot water valves, as well as heat exchange tanks. Solutions for various applications are made possible through the use of this technology in conjunction with a wide range of accessories including circulating pump sets, common flue, and solar pre-heating.

We have put mechanisms put in place to ensure that all complete systems are pre-assembled and a skid-mounted in our state-of-art-factory. Our dedicated team of designers is also at the forefront in coming up with modular solutions that can quickly be moved from one place to another for installation.

The Rinnai Gas Hot Water System installation process is carried out according to your specifications.

1. Manifold Pack – Peak performer

Best suited for

  • cafes and child care centres
  • Small amenity blocks
  • Factories

We have modified our manifold pack to ensure that it contains between 2 to 25 heavy-duty continuous flow water heaters that are plumbed together. This modification is aimed at allowing for high flow rates that cannot be achieved by a single flow.

Various adjustments are also made to the outlet temperature to ensure that it is preset to maintain it at a constant level.

2. Demand Duo – Delivers on Demand

This system is best suited for

  • Hotels and Motels
  • Apartment blocks
  • Student accommodations

Rinnai’s Demand Duo system is ranked among our best devices. This system typically links from one to six of our highly efficient heavy-duty continuous flow water heaters to a stainless steel storage tank that is heavily insulated.

This type of linkage makes it easier for peak hot water use as compared to the rate that can be used during the continuous flow rate achieved on their own.

3. Hex250 – For Efficient Management of Water Quality.

Some of the standard features of this system comprising:

  • Stainless steel tanks and oils
  • Separate consumable water from the heat source
  • European temperature control technology

This system is specifically designed to manage the quality of water across an extensive range of commercial applications. What happens, in this case, is that the consumable water is separated from the heat source. During the process, the HEX250 typically separates the hot water by running it through the stainless steel heat exchange coils. These coils are usually located inside its heavily insulated tank.

The heating process is facilitated using the thermal energy which is also used in heating the consumable water.

4. Warm Water Valve – Used in meeting demand

This device is suitable for

  • Apartment blocks
  • Hospitals and nursing home
  • Aged Care facilities, In this case, our Demand Duo Warm Water Valve is a fluid warm water valve.

The manner in which it is designed makes it easier for it to accept incoming hot water from a hot water storage system.

The temperature that is taken ranges from 60 degrees or more. This device also delivers reduced constant outlet temperatures across a full range of flow rates with minimal drop in pressure.

5. Solar Pre-Heat Systems – Makes Hot Water While the Sun Shines

  • High-efficiency solar collectors
  • Stainless steel storage tanks
  • Reduced carbon footprint, as well as saving on energy costs

This system has features that allow it to be used in conjunction with any Rinnai water heating unit. The energy and cost of producing hot water are significantly reduced since this system combines power from the sun with the highly efficient gas hot water heating.

6. Common Flue – makes internal installation much easier

This system is known to:

  • Combine the fuelling of continuous flow water heaters
  • Contain a robust modular construction
  • Have a flexible design with a natural draft of fan-assisted options

The manner in which every hot gas water is designed is determined by the type of restrictions that are involved. Some of the constraints comprise of hot water demand, spatial limitations, and building construction. Installation and transportation of this device are made possible since it has been manufactured using robust materials. This product has also been inspired by our renowned Rinnai innovation which features our unique PuretempTM temperature stability technology.

This technology is also vital in eliminating hot and cold temperature fluctuations that are typical in older generation hot water systems. Call the experts for any inquiries you may have about gas hot water systems. Inline Plumbing & Electrical is here to give you assistance.

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