Hot water tank replacement costs

Hot water tank replacement costs

Have you been experiencing leaks and faults in your hot water tank?

Noticing a lack of hot water and shorter showers?

When installing a new hot water tank, there is a lot more to consider than just the price of the tank itself.

On average, a natural gas water heater in a tank and an electric water heater are only expected to function properly for between eight and twelve years, making water heater replacements a common home improvement investment.

Hot water tank replacement costs

The costs to install or replace any hot water heater system are volatile, costing anywhere from $700 to $2000 at any given time. Any good plumber would have to inspect the site and old hot water heating system before being able to give a reasonable quote.

The overall cost would have to depend on the type of installation required, the type of unit previously installed, what the replacement is and any changes that are needed to keep the installation up do date with legislation.

Moreover, replacing hot water heaters is extremely dangerous, as electric water heating systems deal with on average 240 volts of electricity and gas links are a possibility when installing gas water heating systems, so hiring a professional plumber is advised.

All electrical, gas and plumbing lines must be properly installed when hiring a plumber. Other considerations to keep in mind when installing a water heating system include ensuring the new unit is plumbed correctly.

All gas-fired tank hot water heaters or tankless hot water heaters should be position in a secure location that is well ventilated to prevent any exposure to gases produced by combusted fuel, such as carbon monoxide.

Overall, hiring a licensed, professional plumber who has experience installing hot water heaters is just one safety measure all home owners should take when installing or replacing their hot water heater.

Hot Water Storage Tank Buying Guide

No one wants to take a cold shower or have high energy costs; the right water heater will provide your family cost-effective and reliable hot water.

Replacing A Hot Water Heater

Whether you’ve just taken that fist unexpected and unwelcome cold shower or simply wish to reduce your energy bill, purchasing a new water heater can be an intimidating process.

By following these steps, you can leave some guesswork and troubleshooting behind:

  1. Identify Fuel Source
  2. Choose Type of Heater
  3. Determine Capacity
  4. Measure the Space

Fuel Source

The first decision to make is what type of fuel source do you have in your home?

Once you know your fuel source, it is easier to choose a water heater that best fits your needs.

Here are the differences among electric hot water tanks and gas hot water tanks


  • Uses one or two replaceable heating elements to heat water
  • Less expensive than other types
  • Variety of high-efficiency options available
  • Size range: 50L to 400 litres


  • Uses a burner to heat water
  • Needs circulating air around it
  • Can’t store combustible materials close by
  • More expensive than electric water heaters
  • More energy efficient than electric water heaters
  • Size range: 30 to 360 litres

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