How to compare the efficiency of hot water heaters

How to compare the efficiency of hot water heaters

The Best Hot Water Heaters For Energy Efficiency?

Thanks to the government introduction of backed ratings standards which requires hot water heaters to be rated, you can now easily compare any hot water heater brand against another.

This is however impossible for hot water heaters that aren’t of the same type such as electricity and gas as their ratings are made on different basis.

Mode of electricity production

The way electricity is generated varies from place to place.

To clarify this, New South Wales generates its electricity by the use of coal while Hobart gets its power supply from hydroelectricity. Comparing the two scenarios, we can conclude that the power in South Wales has the greenhouse effect on the environment while Hobart’s hydropower which is renewable is totally environment friendly.

By opting for solar panels or other environmental friendly solutions such as the wind generator, you will have helped reduce carbon emission significantly.

Registering for Green Power can be another good option too. Heat pumps, boosters and electric tank are a good option for those in places that have renewed energy but since most of Australia’s electricity is fuel energy, we opt for the former recommendations.

Which hot water heaters are most efficient?

In order of most to least efficient, here is guide to help you.

Solar hot water heaters

Solar hot water heaters are considered the best energy alternative. Although their main source of energy is the sun, one could boost it with gas. You would however lower it’s highly rated efficiency and make it come second if one decides to boost it with a non-renewable energy source.

Gas hot water heaters

This is what scientists consider the best option just after solar power.

Tied together with LPG, natural gas can be found from continuous sources and the efficient ones are rated at 5 stars. Natural gases in tanks are only effective in small households with up to four people. LPG is however friendlier to the environment although it requires one to dig deeper in to their pockets.

Heat pump hot water heaters

You should only opt for this if you can’t totally find natural gas or solar power around your area.

Although its efficiency is high compared to electric storage, what brings it down is the fact that its carbon emissions are high and this contributes negatively to the environment. The technology it uses can be matched to geothermal systems.

Electric hot water heaters

Electric hot water heaters run using non-renewable energy sources and their efficiency is regarded as poor. Statistics confirm that they contribute not less than 4 tons of greenhouse gases every year.

If your are environmentally conscious it is recommended to replace electric hot water heaters with solar power or any other of the above alternatives if solar is hard to find.

Doing so could save a household a lot of money and also keep the environment sustainable.

In the case that you have gas and don’t have electricity, it is recommended that you implement the use of a heat pump.

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