Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heaters

Types Of Hot Water Heaters

Water heating for domestic or industrial purposes accounts for an approximate of 20% of the total power used.

This is very expensive and thus some alternative hot water heating units have been invented to cut on this cost.

Gas-fired tankless water heaters are an example of this.

Tankless Heating Units

This version mostly known as rapid water heating systems are small-sized water heater units that only works when needed.

This type of water heater uses electrical coils for low energy demands and gas for high energy demand. Water gets heated as it travels through a warmth exchanger inside the tank. Water then flows without it being reheated again. This saves on energy unlike in other heaters.

The initial and mounting cost of this type of heater is high but in the long run, you will use less money paying for energy.

This type of water heater also has some restrictions on hot water flow prices thus very efficient when is used in big homes. It has a cooler that might interfere with your heating levels in winter.

Storage tank heaters

These are mostly steel cylinders that are fed with cold water inlet pipes which connect to the storage tank. Water is heated in the tank and it exits through hot water pipes that are on the top of the tank.

On the storage tank, there are temperature and pressure valves that open in case temperature and pressure exceed the set levels. At the bottom side of the tank, there is a drain pipe a control unit for temperature. If you are using the gas type heater, you can use any source of gas that you like. However, this is relatively more expensive than the electric heater and thus most people opt for the electric type.

Solar water heating units

These types of water heaters are used to supplement the electric heaters. Panels or glass cylindrical pipes are mounted on the rooftop where it absorbs the sunlight energy and it transfers it to an antifreeze closed-loop system that goes to the water tank. These types of water heaters are of great advantage in places that receive sunlight the whole day and are limited when there is overcast and on cold seasons.

The initial cost of these types of heaters is quite expensive but is long-lasting making the overall costs less. It will take 10 to 30 years to buy another solar heater.

Hybrid electric heating systems

This type of heater has a characteristic electric storage heater that is fixed with a warmth pump which removes heat from the surrounding and makes use of it. This type of heater uses 60% less energy than the conventional type. Installing this type of heart is similar to the conventional type with its payback time being shorter. Just like any other type of heater, the hybrid type has got its own drawbacks. Having the warmth pump on the upper side, a lot more space is needed for you to record enough heat from the air.

The heating units of this type of heater make a lot of noise, exhausts the cool air around thus during cold seasons, it can withdraw the warm air available.

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