Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement – Not A Do-It-Yourself Job For The Inexperienced

Hot water cylinder replacement is ordinarily not a do-it-yourself job. If your hot water tank has a leak, or if you need a bigger hot water unit, we highly recommend you consult a professional plumber. The team at Inline Plumbing & Electrical will be able to assist you and provide details about the various types of hot water systems, their pros, and cons. They will help you to choose the right brand and type of hot water system most suitable for your household.

When selecting a new hot water cylinder tank

Should your present hot water tank be leaking, need replacing, or is damaged, then the most cost-effective way to replace your hot water system is to obtain a like-for-like new one. If your household circumstances have changed and you need a larger hot water system, make sure you have sufficient space to fit the new cylinder comfortably. If you are considering to fit the new hot water cylinder in a separate location from the one that is set aside for it, it is best to consult a plumber who will outline the costs of doing so.

Disposing Of The Old Cylinder

If you have plumbing experience and you want to remove the old hot water cylinder it is important to disconnect it from the plumbing system, drain it thoroughly and follow the steps below:

  • Turn the cold water supply to the cylinder off. Do this by either detaching the cold water storage tank or by turning the mains water supply off. Finish off by draining the water tank.
  • Switch the mains electricity supply off. Proceed to disengage the immersion heater from the mains electricity power supply.
  • Pour out excess water from the hot water cylinder using the draincock located at the base.

While disengaging the pipes from the cylinder, take special note of the existence of the current plumbing fixtures. Doing this will play a crucial role when re-connecting the new hot water cylinder. It might be worthwhile to consider marking a short description of each of the pipes with a marker and masking tape. While at it, be sure to carry out the following:

  • Disconnect all the pipework of the hot water cylinder. Fasten them out of the way if you can.
  • Loosen the stiff joints by applying a little penetrating oil to them.
  • Remove the cylinder and relocate it to a safe place.
  • Carry out a thorough inspection of the pipework. In particular, look out for signs of wear and tear. Also, take this time to rid them of any unwanted debris in the area where the tank was sitting.

After you have removed the old tank, see to it that its base is firm and large enough for the new tank to rest on comfortably.

Installing A New Hot Water Cylinder

Place the new cylinder in the correct position. Make sure it sits firmly in that position. Go ahead to connect the fittings and pipes:

  • Adjust the current pipes if possible to see to it that they fit the new cylinder seamlessly.
  • Connect the parts using tapes to guarantee the tightness of the threaded joints.
  • Connect the feed pipe to a draincock and finally to the tank in case one does not already exist.
  • Re-establish the connection to the mains electricity supply.
  • When the cylinder is full, check the container thoroughly for leaks.
  • As soon as you are satisfied, turn on the water heater and start heating the water. Check the cylinder from time to time for any leaks.

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