Hot Water Cylinder Repair

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

All Australian homes have a hot water heater unit providing a continual flow of hot water. The hot water tank is generally very durable and has an extended lifespan of around 10-15 years.

Regular hot water tank servicing is always recommended in an effort to get the full lifespan of a hot water unit but is often overlooked by most homeowners.

When the inevitable happens and your hot water cylinder needs a repair it is best to call in an experienced plumber and not try and undertake the repair yourself, especially if you lack any plumbing knowledge and experience.


Types of Hot Water Cylinders

There are a wide variety of hot water cylinders in homes across Sydney & Australia.

Each type of hot water system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Due to the different types, the cost of hot water cylinder repair fluctuates, as there are different hot water system designs. Because of this, the team at Inline Plumbing are always forthcoming with a firm estimate of costs which they will share with you either over the phone or in-person when fixing a hot water cylinder.

They never leave you in the dark about the fees and costs associated with fixing your particular hot water tank.

Common problems associated with a hot water unit include:-

  • A drop in hot water pressure
  • Lukewarm water
  • Connection default where the heater is on but the water in the heated tank is not hot
  • The tank can only hold hot water for a short period
  • Water can get a chance by escaping through the opening holes at the bottom of the container
  • Water leaking from the tank
  • Complication where electric components are on, but the water in the tank is not heating up

It is advisable to have a professional and licensed Sydney hot water plumber carry out any hot water cylinder repairs.


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They possess the extensive knowledge and experience to properly provide a comprehensive plumbing service, consistently maintaining an exceptional standard of customer satisfaction, instantly giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

Whatever your specific requirements may be, they will be more than happy to carefully discuss your possible needs and offer a solution.

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