Home Plumbing Problems

Home Plumbing Problems

There is always a clogged sink or a drain problem in almost every household.

However, when these home plumbing problems are prolonged, homeowners may be forced to get the help of a local plumber and spend a lot of money.

In the worst cases, your entire sewer system may be backed up.

The negligence and not showing proper care to the plumbing system is what causes problems.

This includes flushing down anything down the sink or toilet from cooking grease, food, coffee grounds, soap, hair and baby wipes.

According to Inline Plumbing CEO, David Levy, addressing the plumbing issue can cost the home owner anything between $300 to $16,000.

But you can prevent high plumbing repair costs or fixing a slow and clogged drain by simply being careful about what you put into them.

He explained that homeowners don’t know what happens afterwards when they flush the toilet, pull out a plug in the kitchen or bath sink, use the washing machine or dishwasher or have a shower.

Since sewer pipes are underground, we tend to forget they exist. Some of the tell-tale signs that there is something wrong include a toilet gurgling and sluggish drainage.

You can however save your sewage back-flow disasters by making use of common sense and a few DIY checks.

There are more than 25,000kms of water pipes in Sydney Water networks.

It manages to treat around 1.4 billion litres of sewage every day. According to David, most people consider sewage or wastewater as nothing but poo.

What we don’t know is that sewage is more than 99.95% from your bathroom, shower, kitchen, toilet and laundry.

Consider these plumbing tips to prevent some of the common plumbing problems.

  • Avoid putting cooking oils and fats down the sink.
  • Stop food scraps from clogging drains by using a sink strainer.
  • Your toilet shouldn’t be your garbage bin so don’t flush down sanitary products, wet wipes, nappies, cleaning cloths and paper towels.
  • Wastewater should not be in the same place with your storm water.
  • Remove the hair in your bath, shower and sink.
  • Dig out tree roots that may block your sewer.

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