Environmental Water Heaters

Environmental Water Heaters

Energy Efficient Hot Water Heaters

Energy prices are always on the rise. Installing an environmental water heaters can help save the environment. New homes need to have efficient gas, solar, or heat pump hot water heaters. These new houses can no longer use the older models that use a great deal of energy to run and operate. Dux hot water has a number of environmental water heaters that use the latest technology to save energy.

The Hotlogic® controllers are able to adapt the changes in the weather conditions and the water usage. This saves money on energy and reduces carbon emissions. Dux is now recognized for having the most energy efficient water heaters in Australia.

There are things that help you determine what size of water heater is needed for your home:

• Size of the family/household against the size and hot water delivery capability of each hot water system;

• Location, climate and your available water heating energy source (Solar, Natural Gas, LPG, electricity) are very important;

• Available budget; and

• Where the system will be located inside and/or outside and questions like … do you have adequate north facing roof space for solar collectors?

The major types of domestic hot water systems are:

• These 3 options: electric storage tanks, electric boosted solar and heat pumps are typically for homes without access to natural gas.

• While these 3 options: gas storage tanks, gas continuous flow, gas boosted solar are typically for homes with natural gas connected.

If you are aiming in lessening the carbon footprint, then a solar water heater is the best option. Solar water heaters come with either a gas or electric booster to provide hot water on cloudy days or in times of high hot water demand. If your home does not have enough roof space for the installation of solar collections then a heat pump water heater can be used. This is a smart choice if you are looking to replace your external electric storage heater that uses a lot of power.

If you have natural gas service on your property then a high efficiency gas storage or a continuous flow water heater is another good option for your home. This heater has different installation options and can be installed by a plumbing professional. Although the up-front cost for gas hot water units installed maybe cheaper than a solar hot water system, solar was still the best choice and better option to make.

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