Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Dux Hot Water System Maintenance

Let us not forget how much we rely daily on our hot water systems. Water heater maintenance is very important. We only feel the heating system’s significance when the unit broke down and the hot water is needed. This happens usually at the earliest hour of a very cold morning, on a holiday, etc. The hot water system may seem complicated. However, regular maintenance helps the system out prolong its lifespan. This is specifically in the case with continuous flow hot water systems. The unit does not store hot water and is unlikely to build up any pressure.

Regular service maintenance of the hot water system will ensure efficient operation. Every six months routine service can be performed by the owner.

  • Stand clear of the temperature pressure and relief valve drain pipe outlet.
  • Open the TPR for 10 seconds by lifting the easing level located on the valve.
  • Make sure the water discharges out of the drain pipe.
  • Lower the easing level – Make sure that the easing level closes properly.
  • Repeat the process for the expansion control valve.
  • Check the grill located on top of the water heater.
  • Make sure it is clear and free of debris.

Temperature, as well as pressure relief valves, are also called TPR or T&P valves. These are fitted to the hot water tank and act as a secondary safety measure. The TPR valve automatically vents the hot water if the temperature or the pressure becomes too great. This will prevent an explosion or spilling. If for some reason the TPR valves do not function properly the hot water heater is at serious risk. Hot water heaters with malfunctioning TPR valves may explode.

Inspecting the water heater or servicing any other part of it should be left to the professionals. Inline Plumbing & Electrical can help you!

How To Test The TPR And Replacement

Follow the manufacturer’s direction on the proper way to test the TPR valve. It should be done at least once every six months. The TPR valve needs to be replaced periodically depending upon the directions from the manufacturer. Many valves on the unit will have to be replaced once every two years.

How To Replace The TPR Valve

Again, any work that should be carried out on the hot water system needs to be done by a qualified technician or a plumber with license and qualifications. If your TPR valve needs substitution, call Inline Plumbing & Electrical to have it replaced.

Five Year Service

This service should also be conducted by a licensed professional. The team at Dux Service or its licensed agents are a great choice. If the total dissolved solids exceed 600 mg/L the recommended service is once every three years.

The following services should be performed:

  • Replacement of the TPR valve;
  • Replacement of both of the anodes;
  • Inspection and flushing out of the control valve if there is one;
  • Remove of debris and residue from the condensate gutter;
  • Cleaning of the gutter;
  • Cleaning of debris from the louvres and the evaporator;
  • Cleaning of the grill and the fan blades;
  • Complete drain and flush of the water heater.

For your inquiries about our hot water heating systems service and maintenance, call the professionals, Inline Plumbing & Electrical, with over 30 years experience 1300 465 463!

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