Dux Airoheat Heat Pump

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump

Are you in the market for a more affordable, more efficient water heating system? A Dux Airoheat heat pump is just the right water heating system to meet your needs. Dux offers a wide range of highly efficient and reliable hot water heaters suited for cold weather. Economically feasible and providing great options for your home.

Benefits And Functions

The Airoheat has been awarded Australia’s best air sourced heat pump and water heating system. Environmentally friendly, this top-of-the-line Dux model saves loads of energy thanks to its high-operating efficiency design. Compared to conventional electric water heaters, the Dux Airoheat has shown a significant decrease in utility usage and costs. Many homeowners agreed that the system pays for itself over time.

Utilising a unique design, the Airoheat pump draws outside air inward. Transferring the air through a heating coil and allowing for direct heat transfer to heat the water stored in the heater’s tank. The heating system’s technology operates similarly to that of a refrigerator, only reversed equipped with dual anodes. This innovative technology eliminates heat loss while simultaneously reducing the risk of tank corrosion.

Coming as an all-in-one system, the Airoheat carries a capacity of 250 litres to adequately supply hot water to a household of 3-5 occupants. Designed to replace standard electric storage water heater your home may currently have. As a company that takes just as much pride in the reliability of their products as they do themselves, Dux stands by their heating systems by offering a 5-year warranty on all tanks, a 2-year warranty on refrigerant components, and a 1-year warranty on all parts and labour.

Dux Airoheat System is the Right Choice

Due to the vast array of heating systems available on the market today, it can be overwhelming to determine which may be the best match for your specific needs. If after researching your top options or even if you think you just need help getting started, it may be best to consult water heating specialists. At Dux, our experts have years of experience to help you get all your questions answered before committing to your purchase.

Our skilled technicians and plumbers have you covered when it comes to repairs, replacements, installations, and the like. We’ll even provide helpful consultations in-home in order to discuss your best options per the requirements of your home. With no obligation in our offering a free quote on supply and install, you needn’t be concerned or worried about any initial costs. Inline Plumbing & Electrical with over 30 years of experience is here to help you find the best heating system for your home. Call us on 1300 465 463 now!

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