Common Plumbing Problems

Common Plumbing Problems

Are you experiencing plumbing problems?

Almost every person faces a plumbing issue once in a life either at home, work or surrounding areas.

Plumbing systems are one of the most important, delicate and complex systems which require proper and timely maintenance. No matter how well the pipes are installed, plumbing problem can arise anytime.

If you find any leaky pipes, faucets, blocked drains or any other plumbing problem, get it immediately repaired to protect further loss.

Hiring a skilled plumber for any plumbing issue is beneficial as they use the proper techniques and tools to do the work perfectly.

Some of the most common plumbing problems you may face in day to day life are:

1. Leaky Pipes:

This is the most common plumbing problem that everyone faces. In the beginning, many people ignore this without knowing that a leak pipe can cause damage to property and health if not repaired on time.

2. Clogged Drains:

Drains are the victims of wear and tear as they are being used a lot. Larger items when passing through the drains, they block it. Hiring a skilled and talented plumber can help you get your drains running properly as earlier.

3. Sewer Line Blockage:

A sewer line blockage is one of the most disgusting plumbing problems. This can happen due to corrosion or collapsed sewer pipe line outside the home. Most of the times, an old pipe made of concrete can get collapsed. Many plumbing companies in Cupertino offer video inspection of sewer lines which makes it easier to find the problem and repair it.

4. Pipe Corrosion:

Generally, old pipes made of iron or galvanized steel gets corroded. Getting them replaced by a plumber is the only solution. A corroded pipe if not replaced can burst, causing damage to life and property.

5. Burst Water Heater:

Waking up on a cold winter morning and not getting hot water for bathing is the most annoying thing. Your water heater might have stopped working due to poor or no maintenance. If it has been 12 to 14 years that you are using the same water heater, then there are chances that it might have to be replaced.

6. Low Water Pressure: Not getting proper water in a tap is another plumbing problem. The reason behind the low water pressure could be clogging of the aerator.

7. Faulty Faucets:

Leaky faucets are very annoying.

They waste a lot of water and your money too on water bills. Some of the common causes of faulty faucet could be mineral deposits, corrosion and breakage of parts such as washers, gaskets and O-rings.

8. Broken Pipes:

A common problem is a break in the pipe that is coming inside or going out of the home. If this happens, it is essential to call a plumber straight away and get it fixed at the earliest. It might require replacement of a length of pipe where the breakage occurred and welding the new material in its place. If you face any of the above mentioned or any other plumbing issue, call a skilled plumber to get it fixed on time.

This way, you will save money and further damage to your property.

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