Choosing The Right Hot Water Tank Size

Choosing The Right Hot Water Tank Size

Most hot water heaters are sold to the homeowner on the basis of how many litres they hold.

For example, two to four people might use 250 litres per day—enough for a few showers, running the dishwasher, one laundry load, and turning on the tap x amount of times.

But the first-hour rating (FHR) for hot water system and the litres-per-minute rating (LPM) on tankless water heaters are a more important consideration, because it tells you how much hot water the hot water system can deliver during a set period.

A hot water plumbing expert (like the team members when you call Inline Plumbing) can calculate how much you’ll need.

While almost half of households replace their electric hot water heaters themselves without much research and consideration, it may be wise to consult a professional hot water plumber or at least a hot water system manufacturer to fully understand the new regulations and what they mean to your particular installation.

Proper installation and continuing maintenance can enhance a hot water heater’s energy efficiency so it is important to have a fully qualified plumbing company install your hot water heater.

Inline Plumbing is that company!

Over their history, Inline Plumbing has continued to build upon their foundation of installing traditional hot water tank-type water heaters all across Sydney and offer some of the best and most efficient performing hot water heaters available today.

Their commitment to offering the perfect balance of value, features and performance for every household lifestyle and budget.

They are certain you will be satisfied with the hot water tank size their expert staff will recommend for your family’s hot water needs.

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