Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water System

Choosing the right gas hot water system for your home

Singing your heart out in the shower is one of life’s little pleasures.

However, the script changes when you turn on the tap, and cold freezing water streams out. It changes the tune of the music.

The beauty of having a gas hot water system is that it provides a continuous hot water flow whenever needed.

Why should you have a gas hot water system in your home?

Here are a few benefits:

The gas hot water system is environmentally friendly. It produces 33 percent fewer greenhouse emissions compared to electric water heaters.

They are cheaper than electric or solar hot water systems.

The gas hot water systems come in two types: instantaneous and gas storage hot water units.

Instantaneous gas hot water systems

They deliver continuous hot water when the tap is turned on. They are also called tankless units. They only heat water when needed and passes it through the system. There is no need for a storage tank as the hot water never runs out. The tankless units are small in size, like a small suitcase. They take up less space, look better, and deliver hot water when needed. Also, they can last up to 20 years, requires less replacement and maintenance.

Gas storage hot water systems

This system stores and heats water in an insulated tank. It is energy efficient and produces low greenhouse gas emissions making it environmentally friendly.

The gas heaters are fast and can heat a 170-litre tank in one hour. The recovery rate, the time taken to reheat a tank of water, is speedy compared to an electric heater. It is an ideal system for a family of four to take a shower without the water getting cold. If you have an old hot water system on its last legs, worry not; get a new hot water system installed within a day.

What should you consider when buying a new gas hot water system for your home?

For starters pay close attention to the energy star label. It will show how energy efficient the system is. The higher the rating, the better the system. It means it uses less gas thereby saving you money and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It does not matter where you live; you can still enjoy the services of an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly gas hot water system.

Choose gas and enjoy those showers without a worry in the world.

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