Blocked Stormwater Drains

Blocked Stormwater Drains

Have you ever realised the importance of a stormwater drain?

It is a necessity which ensures that all excess rain and ground water from surfaces like the streets, car parks etcetera, runs into the storm drain.

Therefore stormwater is basically all the water that flows from the streets, gutters, pipes and eventually into the main drain.

Your stormwater drain is likely to get blocked due to certain factors

  • It could be due to natural factors like dirt, silt, sand, tree roots, leaves and mud. These occur over a course of time and cannot really be helped until a blockage arises.
  • Inaccurate pipe aligning occurs if the pipes have been installed by a non-professional. Since these roots thrive on moisture, it becomes easy to get into the stormwater drain pipes that are inaccurately aligned. Additionally these tree roots may also mix with other rubble as mentioned in the first point to cause a major clog.

Since majority of the time nothing much can be done about to prevent a blockage, here are a few options that help unblock a stormwater drain:

  1. Hydro-Jet: The hydro-jet drain machine is a high pressure water pump that blasts water into your drain pipes. The high pressure pushes away the cause of blockage. This is the best method in case of thick sludge, leaves and small amount of roots.
  2. Electric Cable Machine: When the cause of the blockage is massive tree roots, then this electric cable machine is your best bet. A portion of the ground will be dug up so that the drain pipe can be cut in the area of the blockage. Using the electric cable machine, the tree roots are easily cut off. Also the roots in the surrounding area of the drain are pulled out using this machine to prevent a second occurrence of this nature.

If you have a blocked stormwater drain, you will need to act fast because if proper control measures aren’t taken immediately, it leads to an unhygienic and hazardous situation for humans and their surroundings.

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