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Only getting cold water? Dirty water? Leaking Bosch hot water system?

Do you have a Bosch water heater that needs repairing or replacing? Inline are experts with the whole range, so call us on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463). We provide services to homes in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, ACT, and surrounding areas.

Bosch hot water repairs & spare parts

If you have concerns with your system, you must get repairs QUICK!

Working daily in Sydney and other regions, we can assure you that within a few hours, one of our experts will get to you. We have been leaders in the industry for over 26 years and have extensive experience with these heaters. Please read our testimonials as proof of our professional and affordable service.

Here are some of the common Bosch hot water heater parts our expert repairers carry with them:

  • Gas: Ignition pack, Hydro generator, Thermocouples & more
  • Valves: Pressure Relief Valves, Gas Valves & more
  • Repair Kits: Diaphragm Kits & more

Replacement options

  • 26E Electronic Highflow
  • Ci10 Internal Compact
  • 16H Hydropower
  • 16P Pilot Ignition
  • 32 Continuous Flow

The Electronic ‘Highflow’ range offers a higher capacity than those available in Bosch’s other ranges. These systems come in a 17, 21 and 26 Litre per minute. Being compact and space saving in design, these units have been specifically produced to offer maximum energy efficiency with a star rating of over 5.5, and are environmentally friendly at the same time.


  • 5.5+ Star energy rating (more savings on gas bills)
  • Optional temperature controllers available
  • Comes in small, modern and space saving design


  • 10 year on the heat exchanger
  • 3 year on all parts and labour

Model Numbers (Range)

Model # Capacity (Litres) Suits (Bathrooms)
17E 17L/min 1
21E 21L/min 1
26E 26L/min 2-3

Made for homes where outside installation is not possible, the updated ‘Internal Compact’ has been designed with a focus on small design, easy wall-hung installation, no requirement for a power point and energy efficiency. These Bosch Internal Compact units come in three capacities – a flow rate of 10, 13 or 16 Litres per minute, and are offered in Natural Gas and LPG versions. This system is one of the most advanced continuous hot water systems on the market using state of the art hot water technology.


  • Automatic ignition (no electricity required)
  • Compact design which is perfect for small homes
  • Natural Gas and LPG are available giving the customers flexibility in their hot water system choices
  • Environmentally friendly hot water systems


  • 10 year labour on the heat exchanger
  • 2 year on parts and labour

Model Numbers (Range)

Model # Capacity (Litres) Suits (Bathrooms)
Ci10 10L/min 1
Ci13 13L/min 1
Ci16 16L/min 1-2

Designed for the largest of homes, the ‘Bosch 32′ series delivers 32 litres per minute and can be installed either indoor or outdoor. They are most suitable for homes with more than 3 bathrooms, otherwise the 26e is the most suitable unit for most outdoor installations. Depending on the model, these systems offer continuous hot water at a prestigious 4.8 or 6 Star energy rating, making it very energy efficient.


  • Hot water never runs out
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Offered in both Natural Gas and LPG
  • Space-saving


  • 10 year on the Heat Exchanger
  • 3 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger

As an alternative to the new ‘Electronic Highflow’ systems outlined above, the ‘Bosch External Hydropower’ range offers continuous hot water without the need for a power point, and without a standing pilot light. This revolutionary ignition system is a strong feature distinguishing the ‘External Hydropower’ system from the more traditional ‘Bosch Pilot Ignition’ range, resulting in very efficient heating of water.


  • Will never run out of hot water
  • 5+ Star energy rating
  • HydroPower Ignition (no electricity or standing pilot required)
  • Energy efficient and environment friendly
  • Available for natural Gas and LPG giving customers the choice when deciding on their hot water system options


  • 10 year labour on the heat exchanger
  • 2 year on parts and labour

Model Numbers (Range)

Model # Capacity (Litres) Suits (Bathrooms)
10H 10L/min 1
13H 13L/min 1
16H 16L/min 1-2
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