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For replacement, the following Rheem hot water heaters are available:

The “Rheemglas” electric range starts from 25 Litre and goes up to 400 Litre in size. All smaller tanks (25, 50, 80, 125 and 160 Litre) are covered by a special manufacturer 7 year cylinder warranty, whereas the larger systems (250, 315 and 400 Litre) now have a longer 10 year cylinder warranty (as of June 2015). They all come in a circular (cylindrical) shape, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. This is an affordable, easy to use and popular model.


  • Same mains pressure when several taps are being used at the same time
  • Designed for off-peak usage for larger tanks (therefore allowing savings in energy cost)
  • All Dual Handed (except for Rheemglas 25 Litre model)
  • Available in both single and twin element options.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations


  • 1 year on parts and labour (domestic only)
  • 3 year labour on the cylinder
  • 7 year on the cylinder itself (25, 50, 80, 125, 160 Litre tanks)
  • 10 year on the cylinder itself (250, 315, 400 Litre systems)

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Ppl)Suits (Ppl)
Single Element Tanks (warranty)[Cont][Off Peak]
191025 (7 year)251
191050      "501-2
191080      "801-2
191125      "1252-3 
191160      "1602-4 
491250 (10 year)2503-52-4
491315      "3154-62-5
491400      "4005-94-6
Twin Element Tanks (warranty)
192160 (7 year)1602-4 
492250 (10 year)2503-52-4
492315      "3154-62-5
492400      "4005-94-6

The “Optima” tanks (when previously produced up to May 2015) came in a 250, 315 and 400 Litre size and are covered by a 10 year tank warranty for peace of mind. These units had a quick heat recovery, a user friendly easily adjustable thermostat, were lined with special vitreous enamel and had a larger mass anode protection for longer life. They supplied the same mains pressure when multiple taps and showers are being used simultaneously, as well as being designed for off-peak, money saving energy rates. They also came in twin element models (useful for households with higher hot water demands).

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Ppl)Suits (Ppl)
Single Element Tanks[Cont][Off Peak]
Twin Element Tanks

This Four Star model supersedes the older outdoor Three Star models and comes in 90, 135 and 170 Litre sizes. They have an adjustable thermostat allowing the user to set the temperature to suit and always within a safe range.


  • 4 Star energy efficiency which will save you more money and is good for the environment
  • High temperature thermostat
  • Strong mains pressure from all hot water taps in the house.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation only


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 3 Year labour warranty on the Cylinder
  • 7 year on the cylinder

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Ppl)

This Indoor model only comes in a 135 and 170 Litre capacity. They have a quick heat recovery feature that provides more hot water in heavy demand times.


  • Higher setting thermostat (less hot water needed)
  • Consistent mains pressure from all hot water taps in the house.
  • Suitable for indoor installation only


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 5 year on the cylinder

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Ppl)

The ultimate range is aptly named the “Stellar”. They come in either a 130 or 160 Litre capacity, but provide an outstanding 200 Litres of hot water every hour at a lower usage cost. These systems are covered by a manufacturer 10 year warranty on the tank and is an outdoor only model (circular fronted and flat at the back cylinder). They provide the fastest thermal recovery of all the Rheem gas storage tanks, have a 5 Star energy rating and are sleek in design.


  • 5 Star energy efficiency as it lowers greenhouse gas emissions by using less gas than the 3 or 4 Star water heaters
  • Great mains pressure
  • Only suitable for outdoor installation
  • 200 Litre per hour recovery providing you with more water than you will likely require.


  • 1 year on parts and labour
  • 5 year labour on the cylinder and superflue
  • 10 year on the whole cylinder

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Ppl)

Another gas option is the Rheem “Continuous Flow” collection, perfect for limited space situations and high hot water requirement. They have models specifically for either indoor or outdoor installation. Each model has a Flames Safe feature and has up to 3 temperature controllers, making it extremely safe and user friendly.


  • 6 Star energy efficiency (saves money while being environment friendly)
  • Non hot water supply (i.e. never runs out)
  • Available in 50°C preset (does not require tempering valve to regulate water temperature to 50°C)
  • Available in natural gas or propane (LPG)
  • Suitability for apartments, townhouses and where space is at a premium
  • Electronic remote controller to accurately set the safest temperature for bathroom and kitchen


  • 10 Year parts and 3 year labour Warranty on the Heat Exchanger
  • 3 Year parts and labour on all other components.

Model Numbers (Range)

Model #Capacity (Litres)Suits (Bathrooms)
Rheem 1212L/min1
Rheem 1616L/min1-1.5
Rheem 1818L/min1-1.5
Rheem 2020L/min1.5-2
Rheem 2424L/min2-2.5
Rheem 2727L/min2.5-3
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