Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement - Not A Do-It-Yourself Job For The Inexperienced

Hot water cylinder replacement is ordinarily not a do-it-yourself job. If you hot water tank has a leak, or if you need a bigger hot water unit, we highly recommend you consult a professional plumber.

The team at Inline Plumbing & Electrical will be able to assist you and provide details about the various types of hot water systems, their pros, and cons. They will help you to choose the right brand and type of hot water system most suitable for your household.

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

All Australian homes have a hot water heater unit providing a continual flow of hot water. The hot water tank is generally very durable and has an extended lifespan of around 10-15 years.

Regular hot water tank servicing is always recommended in an effort to get the full lifespan of of a hot water unit but is often overlooked by most home owners.

When the inevitable happens and your hot water cylinder needs a repair it is best to call in an experienced plumber and not try and undertake the repair yourself, especially if you lack any plumbing knowledge and experience.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

A problem with your hot water heater requires either repair or replacement.

Some of the problems you may are likely to experience could include:

- having a bad shower experience with inconsistent hot water flow
- having no hot water.
- hearing unusual sounds and noises coming from your heater.

The team at Inline Plumbing & Electrical assess each hot water issue independently and look to resolve the problem in the fastest and most economical manner.

No Hot Water


Hot Water System Replacement
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