Safeguarding Your Continuous Flow Hot Water System

How to Prevent your Continuous Flow Hot Water System from getting stolen

The theft of gas continuous flow hot water systems is becoming an increasing issue for these outdoor water heaters. Because of the compact nature of these continuous flow hot water systems, they are an ideal size for the thief, who will make for an easy get away if given the opportunity. The last thing you want is for your beautiful newly installed water heater to be stolen just after it has been installed, as this would be both a costly and very frustrating experience.

Licenced Plumber

The importance of hiring a fully licenced plumber

This article refers to an extraordinary true story concerning a young child, her nanny, and a hot water system.

Every household needs to monitor their hot water unit on a regular basis.

Most people do not take the very simple steps outlined in this article, to ensure that their water heater is performing in the way that it should. In short, though, it is by the regular servicing and monitoring of your hot water unit, that you will in essence, extend the life of your water heater.

Electric storage hot water system

Example of the installation of an electric storage hot water system 

This article talks you through an example of the installation of an electric hot water system.

In this particular example the customer had an existing 315 litre single element hot water system.

The hot water tank was 9+ years old and was found to be leaking from the top of the cylinder. As the tank had exploded, and given it's age, it was determined that it was in definite need of replacement.


Hot Water System Replacement
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