Automatic Shut Off Valve

House Flooding - Why You Should Be Installing An Automatic Shut Off Valve

Certainly, most home owners have heard about the troubles of backwater in you plumbing system. In-house flooding is caused by a variety of reasons, and while some sources, such as burst or clogged pipes, are limited to affecting only your home, other sources are completely out of your control to fix.

Big storms and flash flooding, coupled with other few periodic issues with town sewerage systems, can make backwater & house flooding a real concern.

Home Plumbing Problems

There is always a clogged sink or a drain problem in almost every household.

However, when these home plumbing problems are prolonged, homeowners may be forced to get the help of a local plumber and spend a lot of money.

In the worst cases, your entire sewer system may be backed up.

The negligence and not showing proper care to the plumbing system is what causes problems.

This includes flushing down anything down the sink or toilet from cooking grease, food, coffee grounds, soap, hair and baby wipes.

24/7 Plumbing Service

Your after hours plumber

There are many different reasons as to why you would need to call a plumber or an electrician, after hours.

So, it is a good idea to make sure your plumber or electrician will always be readily available, to do any work, that is in urgent need of attention.

A quality after hours plumber or electrician can come as a god send, for whenever that plumbing or electrical emergency pops up during either, the later part of the day or late at night.


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